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Baking Soda?

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I wondered if it was safe to use baking soda in the cat litter to make it smell a little fresher.

I was going to buy "Arm & Hammer" brand cat litter deoderizer (sp?) last night,but my sister was with me and told me it is okay to use normal baking soda in the litter.She doesn't though,so thats why I decided to come here and ask if thats safe or if I should get the stuff thats actually made FOR litter...or if there are any other suggestions!
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This may be a little controversial, but I wouldn't - there is a respiratory condition commonly known as 'Bakers Lung' because it's common in people who work with and inhale flour and baking powders every day - personally I don't think it's a good idea to add a fine powder to litter, because when they dig it's going to be thrown into the air and inhaled... but I do tend to be particularly cautious about things like that so I don't know whether that will meet with much agreement here
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Yes, baking soda is safe around cats to use in the litter pan

People may be using too much of the stuff that have a problem. If you sprinkle some on the bottom of the pan before you put in the litter, you shouldn't have a problem. IMO some of the litters are so dusty....that's more of a problem then putting some baking soda in there.
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The PLAIN baking soda is okay, but I've seen it recommended to be sprinkled on the bottom of the pan, to reduce the inhalation factor. the Litter Soda has FRAGRANCES that are very irritating to cats' sensitive noses (they can detect the scent of spider footprints across the kitchen floor ) - those perfumes and fragrances are only a marketing tool for the benefit of humans.
The best way to manage the litter box is, if possible, have at least 2 large ones, one for pee & one for poo - many cats keep the two separate & it really seems to cut down on the smell plus the poo doesn't get soggy & is much easier to scoop. also, daily cleaning is the best routine, twice, if possible.
An economical way to have a fresh box is to blend Layer Krackettes or Laying Mash (yup! chicken feed ) with Champion Brand natural scent or unscented clumping. The feed, here in rural CA (you should get it cheaper elsewhere) is about $12 for 50 lbs. and the Champion Brand clumping is $8 for 40 lbs. at Kmart, and at that price, you can dump it frequently. And the scent is a light grain scent - corn & wheat primarily, which also acts as an odor absorbant.
Sorry this is so long, but with several diffent cat situations, (my fixer-upper is currently housing 11 cats; Joey and JC and my daughter's cat Christy are at my mom's; my other rescue is staying in town at that house), I have found that the feed/clumping mix covers all the bases and keeps all the humans satisfied!!!
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I use it all of the time. I add a box to the Jonnyy Cat scoopable and it helps keep it fresher.
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Thanks for the info everyone!!!
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I found that adding baking soda to the bottom of the litter box made it much worse for scooping. The moisture stuck to the bottom of the pan so it seemed like it was one big wet spot on the bottom.
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I guess I was not clear. I meant to put it on the bottom, then the litter and stir it up.....
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I have heard that declawed kitties have a hard time with the baking soda in the litter for some reason. Like I said, I have heard this and am just passing it along...I have no idea if thats true or if you're kits are even declawed or not
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I sprinkle about a 1/4 cup in when I change the litter and I mix it in. I haven't noticed any clumping problems.
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I use baking soda in my cats' litter without problems. I usually put it in the bottom and then mix it up. And Peaches is a front declaw and has never had a problem with it.
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No,my kitties are not declawed and won't be.
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Originally Posted by 709Juggalette View Post
No,my kitties are not declawed and won't be.
Newfoundland must be one of those civilized countries

I have heard of people using the baking soda with no issues. I haven't used it so cannot give a firsthand account.
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I use baking soda. I just sprinkle it in and stir. I buy the generic, not the branded. After all they are all the same. I found it really works. The cats have no problem with it.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
Newfoundland must be one of those civilized countries
Newfoundland is in Canada!
But I spose for the most part we are civilized.Animal circuses and things like that are banned here!
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