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Saturday, What are your Plans?

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Morning All!

Snowing again today, Wow Imagine that.

Heading off to work shortly, going to spend most of the sorting throw some filing, have decided my file cabinets could use a mini spring clean.

Grocery shopping after work, then to the pet store for some treats and a couple new litter scoops.

Then home and an early night, feeling a bit run down today so guess I need a little extra sleep.

Kitties are good, watching the snow right now..

Everyone have a good one
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I will go to german bakery to pick up a few items and then to the store. Will also run today once it get warmer then clean up my room! Need to order some things online and make dinner later. Will try to relax at some point.
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The same as the past 2 Saturdays! I haven't progressed much on the furniture painting. I thought I was done with the dresser, but last night, noticed little paw prints in on the top, in the last coat of paint.

We're still plastering the kitchen and dining room ceilings.

I'm still going through stuff from Mom's house.

I'll continue my pre-kitchen cabinet installation de-cluttering, and boxing up stuff for the Goodwill. I've just about had it with STUFF in my life (I must be getting old). I'm sick of moving it to clean, maintaining it, and having it. I've gotten rid of at least 10 medium-sized boxes in the past 2 weeks! I hope to order the cabinets very soon; they should take about 4-6 days to arrive, so I have to start emptying the cabinets, and prepping for "No kitchen counters and cabinets" week! Translation=the kitchen will be in the family room. (We have to assemble the cabinets ourselves; but the countertop, thank God, will be done be professionals.) Does the fun never end around here, or what????

Last week, my mini-greenhouse arrived! I started leaf lettuce seeds, and they are about 1.5" high already!!! I liked it so much, I bought another (eBay). They were only $9.99 (+ $17 shipping.). Well worth it. Spurred on by the lettuce success, I plan on buying some more seeds today (Home Depot), and starting some more, so I can share it with my best friend and her 5 kids. She's a divorced mom, and I'd like to be able to help her out a bit by growing some veggies for her.

Oh, and think up a menu for tomorrow's Super Bowl!
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Drive in our 'new' car! Well, after DH gets home from his extra duty shift.
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Nothing that I can get out of today! I'm trying really, really hard to avoid housework today, just not in the mood.. Am going to do some sanding on my dollhouse project and since i found some cheap paper, will do a test "wallpaper" job on a couple of the rooms in it today, just to get the feel of how I'm going to need to cut and glue in, have wallpapered real rooms before, just never rooms that are less than 12 inches square!!!
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Hmmm...probably laundry and the dishes here.

Oh and I need to stop by the post office to mail out some things.

I'm really bummed...I'm still waiting on one last W-2 for my taxes...I have everything else though.
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Not really sure yet. John is supposed to be having a guy come out to buy car parts, and then I think we're going to town to get kerosene and some dinner. And probably working outside on the cars and with my horse today for awhile, it's a sunny day and supposed to get into the 40s.
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It's Groundhog Day, so none of us will leave the house.
To many strange people running around out there
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We are taking my Aunt to go see my Mom in the hospital today. Then DH and I have major shopping to do for the kitties. Boy guys are running out of dry food and litter. Who knows after that. Hopefully I will crash early again.
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Work until 1 and then head to my neighbor's funeral... I posted about her when I found out she'd passed away... and today is her memorial service.

the staff from the apt complex will also be there... she was like me, one of the first in my building (new complex), and the maintenance man introduced us my first day...

After that, I'll come home, and barring massive headache (like the last two days straight) I'll maybe do some cleaning...

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DH's birthday was yesterday, mine's on Monday - we celebrate them together every year since its only 3 days different - one cake with our names on it.

We are getting ready to go to Red Lobster for lunch - invited other family members to meet us there - not sure how many will show up
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I have to work 2-8:30 today. I am really not looking forward to it, I am tired and just want to rest.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post

DH's birthday was yesterday, mine's on Monday - we celebrate them together every year since its only 3 days different - one cake with our names on it.

We are getting ready to go to Red Lobster for lunch - invited other family members to meet us there - not sure how many will show up
Happy Birthdays to both of you have a wonderful day.
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Running errands and stocking up for our anual Super Bowl Junk Food Extravaganza!
This year though, not all will be junk.

Buffalo wings, lil smokies in BBQ sauce, Tortilla chips with Rotel dip and salsa, a veggie tray and a fruit tray.

J and I will be eating for a week.
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Well its.....surprise snowing!!! Got a couple inches so far. Had to pick today to do errands too!!
Neil should be home shortly from his into to bowl turning class. I went grocery shopping, Target, Barnes & Noble, TJ Maxx and the italian grocery store for a pizza!!

Got to work on some housecleaning though.....
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i have no plans for today. my friend is supposed to be coming round, but whether she turns up is a different story LOL! hope your all having a great saturday
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Happy early birthday GoldenKitty!

We spent the day cleaning - Rob's grandparents and great-grandma are arriving tomorrow for the wedding. I guess when we are at the hotel they will be staying in our room (which was once his grandpas room long ago before he moved to CO). Got 2 loads of laundry left to do, but every time I'm about to put a load in, his mom goes and puts more of hers in. Ack.

We have to do some shopping later, and we were gonna pick up a guestbook for the reception but I dont know what time the stores close. Picked up a mattress for the spare bedroom in the back (dont know why his parents wasted the money ... in 6 months or so our room will be free, because I will NOT be living here - we are leaving our old bed behind, so they would have saved $200).

All we gotta do now really is get the guestbook and gear up for the wedding!!
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