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Go's boundaries

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Yesterday as I left the house and was walking to the bank, half a block away I hear a cat whining and meowing. I look back and there was Go about 2 yards behind, happily trotting towards me. I carried him back, closed the door and was on my way again when after a few seconds I see him walking beside me again.
I did not want to go back again so I continued on with Go by my side. However, Go seem to realize we were going too far from home. He suddenly sat down, meowed, looked at me and began walking back.
Anyway, when I went back home, Go was happily playing in the yard with the other cats. He didn't even notice my return. I guess the short stroll with mom was not that great after all.
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What a sweetie. He wanted to be with you so badly.
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My farm kitties go for walks with me & the dogs all the time. Funny to see my walking 2 large dogs on leashes, then a few kitties on leash & a few off leash!
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I have a shadow each time I walk to my local shop, Shark follows me there And she has this habit of walking straight out in front of me so that I trip...and it's so embarrassing when people see it happen too
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