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I switched food is my choice ok?

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We finally was able to switch squishy to new food. For dry we got her Nutro Max Cat kitten and we are trying Nutro natural choice complete care indoor adult wet food. She has never been to excited about wet so we always gave her dry but i want to switch her to mostly all wet. Gonna give it a try anyhow. Are these good choices for her?:rainbowheart:
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yes they are good choices... if Squishy doesnt have a wheat issue she may like the pouches
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ok we were looking at them but saw the wheat and didnt get them she has never had a reaction to any ingredients in purina kitten and cat chow dry (i mixed it 50/50) and she never really seemed hungry or anything and has a perfect bill of health from the vet but i just read everything about what is wrong with certain foods and alot of people say purina is not good. Since i am back to work and can afford better things for her i wanted to try to get her something that is good for her whatever the cost so after hammy and i spent an hour and a half reading labels in petsmart tonite that is what we decided on. I will tell him about the pouches and we will prolly give them a try too... There is another one that is called all natural or something natural that is in a clear pouch too that looked and sounded good for her but cant exactly remember the name but it looked like real food. Thanks Sharky!!
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by nature ... Zoey loves the gravy
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Those are the foods I use for my babies! Although mine get the kitten formula still! They all love the food and so far BooBoo lost a pound so I dont think its too bad for them!! Let me know how Squishy does!! :rainbowheart:
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I like the Nutro brand and use it very often.

Why aren't you feeding Squishy the kitten formula wet foods that Nutro makes? If she is picky about wet, try the Nutro Max Kitten Chicken & Tomato pouch, my kitten loves it.
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we are going to try some of the by nature stuff to just because it looked so good, it was a little more expensive but it looked worth it.
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squishy seems to be doing just fine so far she is eating bot the wet and dry and when she is done eating she seems alot more satisfied. She did cough up a hairball this morning. that is the first time for that, is that a concern or is it normal?
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we didnt get her the nutro kitten packs because of the wheat gluten but sharky said it is good too so we are gonna head back out today and get her more varieties of it, we only got one kind of wet and the kitten formula in dry to try her on it and she is eating both so we are going to get more varieties of nutro for her. i will try the kitten pouches as well.
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I've tried the Nutro pouches. Simone the kitten likes the gravy but is not interested in the chunks, which seem a little large for a kitten.

I have to say, she generally isn't thrilled with kitten wet food from Nutro, so she might just be weird. Her favorite is Avoderm all stage and of course, Gerber baby food. Loves the gerber baby food. She does enjoy running over to the adult cats' dishes and stealing the adult Nutro canned which must be yummy because they are all smacking their kitty lips as they eat.
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Great choice!!! That's what we use now too!!!
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