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New Cat Lover...and slave!

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Well I am a new found cat lover.

My whole life we grew up with cats and kittens,but I always preferred dogs and was never a cat person.As I got older,I started liking cats less and less.I don't know why.I guess I just prefferred the dog's loyal personality and I have to say I still prefer doggies.However the past year or so,I have grown even more fonder (is that a word?) of cats.

Well after my mom recently got her cats Illusion and Mama,I started to like them more.I named Illusion,when they got him.I was just naming names and Illusion kind of stuck.Well anytime I went over to my mom's,Illusion would always run straight to me.He seemed to know I didn't love cats and so he always came to me rubbing against me and looking for attention and love and always had that "air" about him saying "love me...I am cute".Then he would do something silly,to get my attention.

Everyone in my family are cat lovers/owners...EVERYONE.I was the odd one,because I prefer the goofy and loving nature of dogs.People kept telling me to get a cat and I would always say "nah".Now that I have cats (well kittens)...everyone now says that I have fell into the kitty "trap" and am one of them...a cat slave!

My daughter who is only 3 loves cats more so then dogs for some reason,even tho I always have foster dogs here.So I started thinking if I wanted the responsibility of a cat.I then started looking into cats.All of the pros and cons of them and everything.

After some research and thinking...I decided that I did indeed want a cat and the responsibility of one.I started searching and while I originally wanted to adopt an adult cat,I ended up getting TWO kittens...instead of one.

My kitties Hatchet and Benjamin are super adorable and have me laughing and everything with their antics.And my daughter adores them! I joined this forum and another cat forum and really enjoy reading and seeing everyone's cats.

I have fallen into the "trap" and now am a cat lover!!!

Sorry this was a little long...I just wanted to share.
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Well, welcome to TCS and as a member of cat lovers!! We have two cats and I love them dearly. Ever since I was born we always had at least one cat so I don't know what it would be like to not have one!!

Glad you could join us! See you around the forums!!
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I was also a dog lover for most of my life (not that I still don't love them) but at this stage of my life I find cats just more compatible with my life style. I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to let them out is one high point and there are many more for me. Welcome to our group and welcome to the best cat site there is. You will find many new friends here.
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Thanks guys.I actually been here a few days,but just posted that yesterday.I enjoy it here.

My kitties already have me wrapped around their paws!
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Welcome to our Kitty family
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