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Visited The Doc About My Wrists

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Some of you may remember a thread I made back in December asking about carpal tunnel. I went to my doctor last week and that's what he thinks it is. I'm going to be trying the braces for a while and if they don't help he'll send me to a specialist and I'll have some testing done.

There are times, depending on what I'm doing, where my whole hand and all of my fingers will become numb. Other times it's the top half of my hand including the thumb and my first two fingers that become tingly and numb. Sometimes my wrist actually hurts and I get little spasms in it.
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I feel your pain! I went through it all ,shots,the brace finely had the operation. That was the only thing that helped. Good luck.
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Have you seen a chiropractor? So many people have carpal tunnel surgery that isn't needed because in most cases it stems from a pinched nerve in the neck and can therefore be treated if treated in the proper area.

If you haven't seen a chiropractor, I highly recommend that you go. Between his/her treatment and TENS/Muscle therapy, there is a good chance that you can be helped without surgery.
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I've had good luck with the braces. I wear them at night, every night, on both wrists. I still have numbness sometimes and minor pain, but nothing like before where both hurt so bad I couldn't even get the bottle of advil open.

Good luck, and I hope the braces will take care of it for you
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I haven't seen a chiropractor yet but I need to because I have a bad back. Lower back. It's a work injury from a few years ago that never healed. Rehab wasn't working and I got tired of dealing with occupational health. I need to find my own doctor and file a new claim for it. They wouldn't let me get any other tests besides an x-ray, even after there was a loud and painful "pop" in my lower back a week after the injury. They kept saying pulled muscle, I say herniated disc but they would never listen to me. That was the second bad experience I have had with occupational health, as a result they are on **** list.
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I'm going to be having to go to the doctor myself soon for this, I am having increasing incidences of night numbness, mostly in my right hand and it is not pleasant
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I kind of know your pain but I haven't had full blown carpal tunnel though. When my wrists start hurting, I immediately wrap them up for a few hours and let them rest. Seems to do the trick for me! I hope I don't get it though, sounds like it hurts a lot!
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