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I caught him red pawed

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I drug myself out of bed this morning, poured a bowl of cereal, and upon turning around noticed that some papers from the kitchen table were on the floor. I walked over to pick them up and noticed the lid of the trash can on the floor. Guess what I found in the trash can? Yep, Popsie, he was in there eating the part of pork chops DH and I threw in there after dinner. He hasn't got into the trash in so long I was actually shocked. So I pulled him out and told him no and that he was a brat. Then I went to the gas station and when I got back home the lid was off the trash again!!! Popsie is a little monster.
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Teheehehe...I know how that goes!!! The very first night we were in our new apartment our kitties dumped our trash can over, and they hadn't done that in FOREVER!!! But in this place I discovered that I can hide the trash under or kitchen sink in the cabinet, so I am more dumpster divers here!!Moihahahahaha!
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I was worried about my kittens getting into rubbish that might be bad for them so i am now keeping my bin outside the back door.

Problem is they havent had there second injections yet so not allowed outside...what a performance everytime someone goes to the bin they have to double check theres not a kitten made a mad dash for the great outdoors.
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He's too much! I never get tired of Popsie stories! Aileen
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With all of Popsie's antics you'd never guess he's a "senior" cat. I have to remind myself when I read your posts. I guess Frankie's just lazy.
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one time when i wasnt looking ringo poped the top of my coffe cup and drank some thank god it was decafinated he is hyper enough all ready
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When I was younger, we had a Calico kitten named Smudge, and we used to always find her in the night we had Spaghetti Bolognaise, and as you can imagine, the stains she was covered in from the sauce made her into a different breed of kitty altogether

And for how small she was, we were amazed at how she used to get in there, she would have had to have leapt quite high to get in, and it was one of the bins with a flip lid too.

R.I.P Dear Smudgie!
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He is out of control. Last night he tried to get in the trash again, twice. Finally I tied up the bag and put it outside.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Guess what I found in the trash can? Yep, Popsie, he was in there eating the part of pork chops DH and I threw in there after dinner.
That's so funny. But it got me to thinking. Persi is always into everything. But I guess I cannot say everything because I have never caught him in the trash can. We have one of those ones you step on to open it. I don't think Persi will ever figure that one out.
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luckily my cats haven't gotten into the kitchen garbage can yet...
my boyfriends son tossed out part of his sandwich in the living room garbage can and Salem went jumping in after it...funny...
but I got him out of there..and told his son not to do that anymore.
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Sneaky Popsie. I was just starting to fall asleep the other night and heard something. I went into the kitchen and caught him trying to get in the trash again. I had to waste a brand new trash bag because the only way he'll leave it alone is if I get rid of it. He was probably after the old beef and noodles I threw away.
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popsie sounds like a real monkey!

Roxy will spend ages digging through our recycling bag if she sees us throw any silver foil in there! Especially if it has grease or cooking fat on it - the smellier the better!
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Hobbit would just steal any small thing - put it into his mouth and run off with it
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