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New and need advice and help!

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Hi there. I am new to all of this. My baby kitten is only 5 months old. we came home from work today only to find her with a dislocated hip. We took her to the emgergency vet who thought they could just pop it back in. Turns out she tore the muscles and ligaments and needs hip surgery. I heard about fundable so I am giving it a shot. If she doesn't get the surgery, she won't walk again. Check out the link below for more details, but please, help us out! I don't want to have to put her down. She is our baby, and I am going to try everything possible to get her this surgery. She won't walk until she has it. She hasn't walked since we brought her home and she is in so much pain. Unfortunately, this won't be tax deductible. But we all thank you for any help. I just can't believe it happened, and we aren't quite sure how. Thanks everyone! If you could send this on to those who may help, that would be great. Thanks again! Just follow the link below.



This isn't a spam thing, I am just in such need of help. Please don't take this as spam, and don't think I am here just for this. She also won't stop eating the older cats food! That can't be good for her can it? I just want people that understand me and my animals! Only a few close friends are on the same level! Thanks everyone!!
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You could also try "care credit"...it is a credit for vet care for your pets...I think you would just type in care credit, and an online site would come up and you could see how much you would qualify for, then you would just pay that off as you can. Might be worth a shot; we did this for our dog's surgery.
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So sorry for your baby.... I don't know anything about this funding, but how much longer will she have to suffer in pain before this surgery can be done? Is she on any pain medication? I understand not wanting to put her down, but if I couldn't afford the surgery, I couldn't let my kitty suffer in pain. I just couldn't do it. I'd have to do the humane thing...
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I have Care Credit too. Try to get that.
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I'm so sorry this happened to your kitty! Unfortunately, being able to properly care for cats and their needs is something that needs to be considered before adopting.

Of course we do sometimes find ourselves in a tight financial situation when our kitties are in need. When that happens, most of us either try for Care Credit, use a credit card, or talk to the vet about making payments to pay for the surgery. Many of our vets have worked with us - I've also seen our vet refer people to a local rescue org where they can appeal for free care. If those are dead ends, then there are still things you can do. Talk to family and friends about borrowing the money. Do you have anything you can sell to raise the money? Any collectibles? An extra TV? Stereo? Cds?

Here is a list of suggestions by The Humane Society:


I hope you don't need to put your kitty down because you can't afford to care for her.

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There is a site called angels4animals.org that gives DONATIONS to help with the cost of the procedure, however they pay the vet directly so you wont even see the bill! You can send them an e-mail! Most of us on here are multi-cat household and help at local rescues so sometimes is hard to make monetary donations. Where do you live?? It always makes me nervous when people dont show where they live, or anything really about themselves and ask for help! So, if you live anywhere near me I might be able to help someway or another... I see that this is the only post you put up so far too... that makes me a little nervous...
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You should try something along glitch's lines, since you coming in here with a single post which is a donation request will set off warning signs for a lot of people.
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I'd find a vet that would take payments or try to get a loan from the bank. As far as your question regarding the kitten eating adult food - my kittens are eating adult foods by 4-5 months old with no problems. They are happy and healthy.
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