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making a flying leap

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my husband is sick of his job, I am sick of watching extra kids. We live 4 hours away from his family, 6 hours away from mine. My sister is 21 and in a nursing home (she has Muscular Dystrophy) and in rapidly declining health. We have decided (probably) to take a flying leap of faith and move to the city (4 hours away) that his family lives in. We found a 3 bedroom apartment that is actually bigger than the one we have here that we can afford (a rare find) and he is going there next week to pay the deposit and job hunt.
A scary but wildly exciting prospect. He wants to move in 2 1/2 weeks, that is even scarier, how am I going to pack in 2 weeks with my 3 young kids and 2 daycare kids?
I may shut of the cable/internet for a while, so I may not be around much.
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Best of luck and organization vibes being sent!
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wow...well..lots of luck on the move, job hunt and everything else..thats really fast to pack up and leave...
I found it hard to pack etc..and get everything ready and I had 6 weeks..
and no kids...
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My husband and did that in 2005 ,We did't have jobs, We did have a place to live,with my uncle.We packed and left in one day! Or cource I had a month to plan the move,I love moving I THROW AWAY A LOT OF STUFF !Junk and stuff you hang on to,thinking I may need it someday,ditch it now!! why pack it and move it?If you haven't used it by now you don't need it.Good luck,it can be done!
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Good luck, hope it all works out for you
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Good luck with the move!
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