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Picking a dry food for my two cats

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I'm having trouble picking out a dry food to feed my cats. I usually feed wet food, but there are times when I'm at work, out of town, or just in a hurry and wet food is not an option.

Leo is my DLH I recently got in November. The shelter said he is 8 years old. I'm not sure if I should be feeding him senior food yet? I really don't have experience with senior cats. He is also a healthy weight and he is active. He doesn't know how to sit still!

On the other hand, my 1-2 year old Manx girl, Jasmine, is a little chubby. Her ideal weight is 7.5 - 8lbs and the chubbiness shows on her lol. She is cobby as it is, but now she looks like a ball and she is not very active. She seems to balloon up every time she eats. I have had her on EVO and Wellness Chicken. She usually eats canned EVO, Natural Balance, and Merricks. I know that the rescue had her on Science Diet and Purina and she was a healthy weight. I tried to switch to a quality dry and she just turned into a bowling ball. I followed the instructions, too. 1/2 cup per day. She will eat a 3oz can in about 2-3 feedings. Not sure what to do about this.

Any suggestions on a dry food that might help her lose weight yet be good for Leo to eat too? Price does not matter to me. Petco is in town as well as a few local feed stores.
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Senior would actually work for both,...

most senior s are lighter in fat and protein ( yes have more carbs) than adult or all stage plus fewer calories


not all have senior but look at them


royal canin

blue spa

natural balence

feed store

solid gold( low fat )

chicken soup
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My little "Chubby" Brazil has lost considerable weight on Chicken Soup brand cat food...I have always fed free choice, too, and have not changed, even on this brand; she is not such a chub on this one which I am liking, so I am going to stick with this food I think. Might be worth a try. Between my three kitties, I don't think they go through a cup in a day, even with it free choice.
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I feed my Nutro Natural Choice For Kittens and even my 7 y/o gets this! He is over weight also, but since I put him on that he is very playfull has more energy and has started to lose weight! I dont know weather to make heads or tails of it!! Good luck!!
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