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Tuesdays DT

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Morning everyone!And what are we going to do today? It's to cold to go outside 9 here right now.Don't feel like cleaning house,nothing really on TV.Maybe I will play with the cat's!Well what ever you do,have fun! See you later. Sherral46
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Hmmm, well, I'm at the office - have just had lunch, and am thinking about popping out to the shops quickly (one of the benefits of working for my own/husband's company). It absolutely gorgeous weather out there at the moment, the sun hasn't stopped shining all morning and it's actually starting to get warmer.

Yep, I'm definately popping out for a bit - see ya later!
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We've got a winter storm blowing in. Its sprinkling, right now. Should be out, by tomorrow. Nothing going on, today. The house is clean, the pets are fed and Bill won't be home, until 1:30.
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Well, I was getting sick yesterday, and am sick today. Had to take care of a few things, popped in for a bit, and now am off to bed.

Might play with the kitties a bit first, though....

Hope everyone has a magical day!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Laurie - get yerself back into bed!

Just a quiet day for me, laundry day and then tonight Im off to a deaf womens group thingie in which we will start doing scrapbooking - I have never done that before so it should be interesting and its a good opportunity for me to meet others as I dont know many people around here.
Im watching Montel right now - people are submitting their own inventions, I love inventions - I have invented some things in my mind but dont know how to make a prototype so those inventions stay in my mind.

the winter storm is supposed to pass through here tonight, ack!

the cats are chasing each other all morning - no rest for the wicked eh?

Hope everyone has a great day and stay in bed Laurie!!!!!!
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Laurie.....hope you feel better soon!

Kellye, have fun tonight. Scrapbooking! I love doing that! Pass on your ideas here after!

Sherral.....just have a 'relax' day. Those are the best! (hmmmm...I'm due for one soon!)

For those waiting for a storm.......stay indoors and enjoy the view! We just had ours. I didn't venture out at all but many did and they should not have.

Today....well, I am a little excited! I am going to the Jewellers. I have 2 cluster rings. One was given to me from my mom and one from my hubby. I can't wear them both at the same time (I guess I could but, I don't like weraing more than 2 rings -one on my right hand and one on my left) Anyways....I am taking them both and having one ring designed for me out of the two of them. I am hoping for a nice flat, large band with a design and diamonds. Not sure what the $$$ will be. I'll make my decision once he tells me what it will cost me. This way, I can wear both rings from the two people I care about at the same time! I hate taking one off and putting the other on. They are both beautiful rings so, I should be able to get something nice made. We'll see.

Oh yeah......I have been pretty good with the food/exercise this past week (except for a few slip-ups) and this morning I stepped on the scale and it says I lost 3 pounds!!! Could my day get any better????
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so sorry to hear you're sick, laurie. i am sending you some chicken noodle soup thoughts!

g - my mom just had a ring her mom gave her fashioned into a necklace. it's fabulous. it's amazing what they can do with the designs.

kellye - scrapbooking seems fun. i've started one and never finished. hope you have a great time!

i am off to staff meeting and planning meeting this afternoon. tuesdays are pretty much a meeting day and i get very little actual desk work done.

hubby is working on cabinet fronts tonight. soon the bathroon wil be done, too. he wants to tile it, but i say the linoleum is still in good shape. let's leave it.

everyone have a great day and stay warm!
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**sneeze** **cough** **hack** ****sniffle*** **cough** **sneeze**

How is this fair?? Rob went back to work today, but now I have his cold!! Both of us haven't been sick in close to 7 years!!


I woke up this morning at around 4am with the sorest throat. Plus, the wind chill this morning was -21C.

I look like a mess right now. I slathered Vick's on my neck and chest and wrapped a big piece of cloth around my neck. Oh, how I am despising this winter.

Have I complained enough yet?? Yeah, I know, I'm a big baby! Thank god I don't get sick often.

All you healthy people, have a good day. And Laurie, come over here and pass me some of that chicken soup, will ya?

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Hi everybody Hope everyone gets better soon!
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I'm back! Well I did clean today,just had to be done,but I did a sping clean last week,so it was a matter of touching a few thing up.
Whisker's mom,my mother had 2 wedding rings from my dad,she took them to a guy who desigened one ring,useing 6 small diamonds and 2 larger one's,then he had it patterend, my mom has the patten![sp]I don't know how much it cost, never ask her.It is beautful.There is not another one anywhere like it.When she goes my sister & I are suposse to have 2 made out of it again,but my sister don't want to she says I am the oldest I should just wear it.Not sure what we will do,but hopeful we don't have to think about it for a long time!!!I hope you get a good price and a beautful design!
All of you who are sick,get better soon!
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kass - sending you some chicken noodle soup thoughts, too!
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Kass......shucks! Do men have to share EVERYTHING with us???? Hope you feel better soon too.

Came back from the jewellers. Weird because I am sooooo nervous now! I hope I did the right thing. It was moms ring and I kind of wanted to keep it as is but....when it's inside a safe, it's not much use to anyone.

I found the perfect ring. I am having my rings turned into a band like I planned but, not exactly the same design I thought. I tried one on and I fell in love with it. He is creating something similar but wants to make it unique. It'll be ready at the end of March. i told him I was fed up of wearing one, placing the other in the safe and vice versa. He told me that storing rings in the safe is not the safest thing either. They are safest when you are wearing them (which is logical) but....I couldn't wear both of them plus my wedding band. I'd be percieved as a Liberace wanna be.

So...now I have to start putting my pennies aside! Oh well....it'll all be worth it!

Get well everyone!!! What's going on here???? Normally I am the one that's sick.....not you guys!!!!!
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