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MAD cat!!

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last night i flound a flea on Tessie. So i went the gambit, and gave everyone a flea spot treatment last night. everyone was fine with it except Bear.

I put him on the sink to put the flea treatment on and he started freaking out. i thought it was maybe cause he was on the sink, and he knew he wasent supossed to be. NOPE, not it. the minute i let him go he ran like a kitty possessed!!

He is usually a HUGE lover, one of the biggest lovers i have. he follows me everywhere. last night after the treatment, he booked into the dogs room,and stayed there all night.

today, hes acting like i BEAT him!! i go to pet him, and he acts like im going to smack him! he jerks back, and squints his eyes. I have NEVER hit my guys!!! the most they get is a pat on the butt if their on the fish tank drinkin out of the filter,lol. ITs only to get attention, not even hard in the least!

My hearts breaking, knowing my loving lil guy is so mad! will he come around? he lets me pick him up, but petting he refuses
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Of course he'll come around, just give him time. Quick caution - I hoped you did use kitty stuff and not doggie flea meds? Because dog flea meds (whatever form) can be fatal to cats (not to worry you or anything, but if you're worried ask the vet).
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nope , i used kitty stuff. dog gets the flea shampoo, not spot treatment cause it makes his skin to itchy.

Hes coming around a bit. He let me pick him up and give him his own can of wet food( usually they have to share, so thats a huge treat). He also let me pet his head without shrinkin back, so i guess its progress,lol
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A word of advice, never invite or temporarily bring a kitty into an area that is off limits, especially for something that may be considered negative. For one you are contradicting your previous boundaries, second you are creating a negative situation before it happens. I am sure he will come around, but it wouldn't hurt to apologize to him and let him know you were wrong for doing it this way.
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he probably got confused. if he's used to getting a telling off, when climbing up by the sink, then he probably thought "hang on, i usually get a telling off being here. what's going on?". glad he's coming round now
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