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Went to Court Last Night...

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for a speeding ticket I got in July, when Jess's grandmother was very ill. She lived in Rochester, which is about a 4.5, 5 hour drive for us, and she had lung cancer. We'd gotten a call very early that morning that she was going rapidly downhill and may only have hours, so... yes, I went a little faster on the thruway than perhaps I ought to have.

I'd never gotten a ticket for anything before! Jess always teases me and tells me that I drive like a grandma

Anyway, I plead not guilty through the mail (court was an hour and a half away... ugh), and had to go in yesterday for my "trial."

I was expected to get the book thrown at me, because I'd heard all kinds of horror stories about traffic court

The judge was super nice, though. And it wasn't at all what I was expecting... it was this little room with rows of folding chairs, and you had to sign in, and then the judge called your up in front of everybody! But my charge was reduced to a broken speedometer, and the fine was only $60. I feel lucky! It wasn't much of a trial

I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. It was really interesting, though... probably because I'm nosy, and I like new experiences. Hahahahaha.

Anybody have traffic court stories??
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nope ,though I did get stoped for speeding yesterday!drove away with a warning! Though I must say ,the cop lives next door to me!
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I went to court this week, but not traffic court. A plumber made off with $3100 of our building's money last summer, and this was the court date for that. It was a mini-courtroom, and there was a court officer, but I don't think she was a judge. My neighbor and I testified (a first for me!). The plumber of course did not show up, but that didn't stop the courts from slapping about 20 tickets on him. That $3100 has now ballooned into $27,000 in fines and tickets. Now they send them to collections.
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Originally Posted by kaete View Post
Anybody have traffic court stories??
Usually you can take an online driving course that will wipe out your record of speeding or whatever. These online courses are really easy and if you have a chance to take them, by all means, do!
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I have been to traffic court more times than I care to admit ok, I'll admit, at least 5 times that I can remember
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One of my good friends is a Federal Court Judge. Her husband is an attorney and represents the local MLB team. They are a funney couple, with some great stories from the other side.
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Oh Ive been to traffic court and any other kind of court you can think of!! My last traffic court experience I was speeding while taking my mom to the ER and had one of my kids in the car and the cop gave me a ticket for everything under the son! It ticked me off majorly! So I went to court and it turns out the same judge from where I live is in that town too (not good, she knows me like the back of her hand) so then I had to wait and wait and wait and watch everyone elses stuff go down, when she finally got to me she was like, you were speeding? They got you while they were over the top of you on the bridge? (One cop clocked me from the top off the bridge, one cop came off the offramp and pulled me over) So I couldn't see them and they dropped all the tickets except the speeding! I was lucky, but since I hadn't seen that judge in 8 or so years she was probably thinking that maybe I wasn't such a trouble maker anymore! Oh, I brought the kids with me to court too! What the heck else was I suppose to do with them? So I was breastfeeding in court!
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I have a traffic court story but its very embarassing..so I wont share the details...I was going 72 in a 55 down hill when a state trooper pulled me over almost 2 miles from where he clocked me and told me that if someone had of ran the stop sign the wreck would have been my fault this confused me a bit anyways he wrote me a ticket and I went to court about a month late the judge told me he would drop everything if I went to driving school on the following saturday..I went and it was dropped
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