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My Cats

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I haven't shared pictures of my cats since they were little, so here are a few:


I know they are DMH or DLH kitties, but I think they have some Maine Coonish features and behaviors. Physically, the mane, "britches" on the backs of their legs, longer stomach hair, rounded eyes, huge bushy tails. Behaviorally, Christie seems to have more characteristics - she has a trilled, loud high pitched meow (and she is always talking), she uses her paw to scoop up and grab things, and health-wise she has a heart murmur that we are monitoring...

Both are super-energetic (well, like all normal kittens), they are always super-interested in everything I am doing (and are in the same room as me about 98% of the time when I am home) and they like to play in water (if I put a bowl of water on the floor for them, they start flinging it at each other - a water fight!

Again, I know the are not Maine Coons, but are DMH's, but there is so much to say about them and I thought this was a fun way to organize the info..

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They are both gorgeous!!
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:rainbowheart: They are beautiful kitties! :rainbowheart:
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Your cats are so beautiful! Love all that fluff & their faces are precious :
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I the fluff!
Very pretty cats, I'm partial to black and white cats since my first cat was one.
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aww they are so nice and fluffy! very cute
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They are both beautiful! I love long haired cats, so fluffy
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Both of your cats are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
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They are really quite beautiful. You are lucky xxx:rainbowheart:
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Thank you all for the nice cats are very special to me:rainbowheart:
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They are very pretty and have very soft looking fur.
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