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6-month old kitties with different issues

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Hi all!
I rescued two kittens in October who apparently have two different digestive issues. THey are both 6-months old, now. They are spayed, have all their shots, and have been through de-worming rounds.

My one kitty, "Ty" started out with gas, a bloated belly and some diarrhea. X-Ray and blood work said she had a slight infection and inflamation in her bowels. So our vet had me put her on Science Diet i/d.

Since it was impossible to feed the kitties separately the vet said it was okay to feed my other kitty "Pix" the i/d. But this kitty developed extreme constipation and bloody/mucous stool.

More trips to the vet and she was given metronidazole for 5 days and a Laxative, which seems to have worked, although her stools are still a little hard. (But at least she's going). The vet said the i/d might be "too much fiber" for her and it could be binding her up. About a week ago I started gradually switching their food over to a grain free dry food (Evo) - (75% Science Diet/25% Evo) and I supplemented it with Wellness Wet. (About 2 tablespoons per evening). Pix has responded well.

Now, it appears that Ty's kitty's belly is bloated again. Although, she doesn't have gas and her stools are fine. Two nights this week, she threw up a few hours after I gave her the wet food. She might be eating too fast and too much of it (she tries to eat Pix's food), so I didn't give it to her the last two nights and she was fine. But her belly looks bloated still.

I really like our vet, but she is a real pusher of Science Diet. But now, I'm wondering if I did the right thing by starting to swtich over the food?

I'm monitoring them every day and I have an appointment with the vet next week, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions.

Should I keep Ty on Science Diet I/D? Should I stop giving the Pix Evo? Or maybe since, it's only been a week of gradual mixing, I should wait and see what happens they are completely switched over?

Thanks for reading.
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Thats a tough one!! I would give sharky a PM! She is the food expert!! She would know of a food that might be good for both of them!! Good luck and Good Vibes
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My hubby thinks I am crazy, and that Ty's belly is bigger because she is just growing faster. She does tend to eat very fast and she eats a lot. So, I'm going to start picking up her food to make sure she stays within the recommended feeding guidelines.

I also stopped feeding her the wet food, and she hasn't thrown up since.

Today starts the second week of mixing the food, so it's half i/d and half EVO. I wonder if mixing is still ok?

Both kitties seem to be doing fine, very energetic, happy and eating good.
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