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Shower Supervision

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Butzie has always been fascinated by the shower in the master bathroom. She wanders into it when it is dry. Only the toilet when it flushes is more interesting to her.
Well, yesterday, Butzie decided that I needed supervision when I started to run the water. I left the shower door open a little and she diligently watched me the entire time I was showering. I think that she wanted to make sure that all that water didn't kill me.
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lol thats way too cute!!!
ya my 2 cats love to watch the toilet flush..but haven't gone as far as to watch me shower just yet.
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Arwen will perch herself on the edge of the tub sometimes when I'm running a bath, I have always been a bit wary when she does it though as one of these days, she will fall in!

She will also jump up at the sink when the taps are going, just so she can have a drink. Once or twice she has jumped onto the edge and wobbled that much she fell off again
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My little girl Nymeria will cry her paws off if I don't keep the door open a crack when I am showering she will just sit on the toilet seat waiting for me to come out. If I am bathing she will sit on the edge and bat at the bubbles lol. Thankfully she hasn't fallen in yet hehe.
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actually I've had a tabby cat in the past (actually 2) 1 ..I had to give up because the new place I was going wouldn't let me bring the cat (but I found a good home) the other one..got out of the apartment and unfortunately ....got run over...I cried for a few days...
but ...
he would sit on the edge of the tub with me when I was taking a bath(claw tub)...
one day..he fell in...good thing I wasn't actually in the tub yet..oh..that was very funny...
I just seen this wet orange thing run past me...
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Hahahaha...thats funny.
I always keep the door closed when I am in the shower,so my guys haven't figured out that there is interesting things in there!!
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Jordan used to get in the back of the shower when he felt I was taking too long (I always shower right before I feed them at night). Now he's smart enough just to sit on the side. Maggie likes to lick the shower curtain (She's cute, but not the smartest cat I've ever known) so she usually sits on the side licking the curtain the entire time I'm in the shower. If you ever need a really annoying noise, let me know and I'll send her your way.
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We have a stand up shower and every time I shower Sox will sit on the edge the whole time and sometimes she walks in and walks around the bottom of the shower while the water is running! It is so weird!! I look down and laugh because it looks so funny!! She only does it when I am showering and not my husband. Most of the time it is like she doesn't even notice she is getting wet! Then when she gets out she walks around shaking her paws in the air because they are wet!! Too cute!!
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