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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 1st!

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One of my clients called me at home last night at 11:45pm because his engine caught fire (apparently) I wonder what makes a person think they can call me at almost midnight for a non emergency related matter. (The fire was not actually a fire, it was just smoking alot). That really isn't an insurance emergency.

So, I was knocked off my regular sleep pattern and am a little groggy thid morn.

Other than that...I am off to work, and then heading to the gym afterward. Tomorrow night we are having a girls night We are getting all hotted up and going out on the that should be fun

We got a DOOZY of a storm last looks like we got at least 10cms of snow..maybe more. All the schools are cancelled...I hate driving in this weather

Anyway, have a great Friday and weekend friends!
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You stay safe Nat.

The bad weather started here yesterday but today and saturday are qoing to be worse. The winds are still at 70 mph, and the snows falling thick and fast

I want to be home with my babies!!!
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Most of the snow today was south of my location. Just a dusting on the ground. But roads, parking lots etc are still icy from the weather on Tues night.

Thinking of running errands today. A major piece of woodworking equipment is on sale at local woodworking store so I might be the nice wife and pick it up today (well it will have to be loaded into truck). The sale ends tomorrow but Neil is taking a wooden bowl class in another city so that won't work.

Renting some movies might be on the agenda too. Such a exciting life I lead.

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Why on earth would he call you at home for that!!!! What a weirdo!!!

I'm doing ok, I called work this morning just in case I had to work (I forgot to write it down ) My boss is such a brat!!! She answers I ask her then she says, "yeah, you were supposed to open this morning....." then I said...."No I wasn't, was I?.... FONDA!!!" She's an awesome boss! I don't have to be there till 10am so that's nice!!!
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Woohoo! Friday already!!! We're picking up our marriage license this morning, then off to work for a short day since we have to bowl tonight on our league (so I'll get to work around 11-11:30, and leave by 6!)

Last un-married weekend Next weekend is our reception, and then the weekend after that we'll be on a cruise ship heading for Nassau
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Well we are expecting 20 to 30 cm of snow today and some freezing rain. NICE!

I am bussily working of course and the boss isn't here wich makes it a nice non stressful Friday. This weekend I am breaking out my old hampster cage for a friend's son. He is turning 4 yrs old and asked for a hampster. Yes, I know it's a little young for a pet but He has a turtle already and has had it for a whole year and it's thriveing. He is a very responcible little boy and will not pick up any of his pets without an adult.

I have researched it quite a lot and the best hampster for a youngster is of the Siberian variety which includes teddy bear hampsters and things like that. So on Sunday befor the Superbowl I ma taking him to Petsmart to pick out a new little buddy. I have his parents permission, and I have been designated the official babysitter of the rodent if they go out of town *smile*
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we just have it cold..and blowing snow real "new" snow...
just the stuff we have blowing...
it was gusting pretty good last night..I could hear it howling through the windows.
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Morning All!

Cold with blowing snow here again today..Heading off to work in a bit. Just sitting here drinking some hot chocolate trying to get motivated right now.

Slept not to badly last night but still feel a bit tired this morning anyway.

Not anything special planned for after work, do need to do a little grocery shopping but that can wait depending on the weather..

The kitties are good this morning..Sassy and Linus are napping and Pixie is hanging out with me watching me type..

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning everyone!

John was home almost all week so it messed up my normal routine pretty badly. He finally went to work this morning. I'm so tired and trying to catch up on the cleaning that I couldn't get done with him around. Weekends aren't really a fun thing for me, so Friday is definitely not one of my favorite days!

But on a positive note, all of the new kittens are healthy and gaining weight nicely! I'm so excited that they're finally here!!
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Friday was work day! woo now its the weekend!
Getting ready to fly out next weekend to rome, We will be leaving Thursday night and returning Monday morning.
This weekend im not doing much other than cleaning and having my friend for dinner over tomorrow night!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

One of my clients called me at home last night at 11:45pm because his engine caught fire (apparently)
What engine caught fire?
In any event, I would have waited until the next morning.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
What engine caught fire?
In any event, I would have waited until the next morning.
His car engine
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hello all! i've had a boring day, the only "fun" thing was my friend coming round. now, it's snowing hehe, so am going for a drive with my partner LOL

hope you have all had a good day
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