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My new "do"

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Well Wednesday was the d-day. Monday I made the decision of what I wanted to do with my hair. It was time for a change. My hair had been flat as a board straight for many years, I had recently lost weight and I needed a change. Husband has been after for a long long time to get curls, thats right a perm. I had resisted because I di dnot want the added task of fixing the hair every morning. But Friday I finally agreed if he paid for the whole thing and he agreed. So I made the appt. for this Wednesday that passed. It took 3 hours to do but thats ok. It was a nice 3 hour break just to do something for me. It has taken me 2 days for this to grow on me. Mainly because I could not wet it or wash it. But last night I wet it for the first time and it looks much better. Everyone has been telling me it looks good. All I can do is take their word for it. But I know the husband likes it. He acted like a school boy with a crush when I came home with curly hair. Later in the morning I will snap a picture.
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Looking forward to seeing pictures later today.
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Ok here we go. Now this is first thing in the morning and I am still 1/2 asleep.And my hair has only been wet not washed yet. So keep that in mind.

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I LOVE it! It's funny, my hair is about that same lenght (no bangs though) and I'm trying to grow it back out. The thing is, I've been wanting a loose perm to kep things interesting... otherwise I'm likely to get tired of growing it out and will cut it again. My husband is totally opposed to the idea though. He doesn't get that you can get a relaxed perm too.
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I think its a nice change for you
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Yeah you can get the perm in any type tightness you want. I know when I went to get mine done they asked me is I wanted a tight, medium or loose perm. I chose a medium curl perm. They had to use spiral rods instead of the regular rods because of the length. Tonight I can wash it. Last night I just wet it and put some leave in conditioner in it.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I think its a nice change for you
Thank you. Its been 13 years since I had a perm. So its a nice change.
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With my ex-husband, I wore my hair with a perm most of the marriage. After the divorce I didn't want another perm. My DH saw one of my old pictures and said "please don't make it that curly, I like straight/natural hair on you"
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That's a really nice curl! not too tight, not too loose

When I was little my hair was stick straight, then, starting in thrid grade all the way thru freshman year in HS I got perms..... now my hair is wavy I think the perm solution seeped into my hair follicles
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I think it looks great! I haven't had a perm in 20 years, and I've been thinking about it again...something like yours (my hair is just a little shorter). My problem is my hair has natural curl, so even a loose perm makes me look like a poodle (which was cool in the 80's!). But, daily maintance is SO easy.

It does suit you. Great decision!
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Perms don't take on my hair

Your new do looks great!
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looks great!!! I can't get a perm since my hair is soooo thick. One time I got a perm, I ended up looking like Bozo... LOL My hair was just at shoulder length and it was a loose perm!
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that looks lovely!
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That looks great bet it will be really easy to look after too.
I had my waist length hair cut off to my shoulders last week, was a bit of a shock to start with (went home and cried my eyes out!) am getting used to it now though it's shorter than I wanted, I dont know what it's like in the US but here in the UK hairdressers always seem a bit scissor happy and cut off way more than you ask for

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