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My friend's cat, Peluche, has been missing for a week and they think she was killed on the road a mile away.

Peluche was a beautiful SH black cat. Her name means 'plush' in French, because her fur was so thick. She survived two tragedies - she was found as a week-old kitten in my friend's barn, clinging to her starving mother among four dead siblings. My friend fed her mother but before she could trap her, she was killed on a very busy road. So Peluche was brought inside and hand-reared. When she was big enough she was taken to England, to join a family of cats in the New Forest, a wonderful place where the cats went for accompanied walks and were really well looked after by my friend's daughter, a cat-crazy person.

Last Friday they all went for a walk, and Peluche decided, as she often did, to stop and wait for the others at her favourite tree. But that was the last time she was seen, and there have been unconfirmed reports of a black cat dead on the road. It is a long way away, and the cats do not normally go so far, but we think something may have frightened her. Flyers and local ads have produced nothing more. My friend and her daughter are beside themselves with grief and worry; my friend has gone to England to be there and help as much as possible in the tragic circumstances. Please keep them in your thoughts.
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Thinking of Peluche and you... I hope she is found
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i hope and pray that she comes home safely. her poor family must be so frightened. for a happy ending.
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I'm sending vibes and prayers she'll come home safe.
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Sending lots of vibes for her safe return.
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Oh Jenny, how sad! Sending many vibes for her safe return!

Jenny - cats when frightened, especially when not outdoor cats, tend to hunker down and not come when called and not respond to food until desperately hungry - then only coming out at night. I don't know how to explain the radius other than in suburban U.S. terms, but they tend to hunker down within a three block radius. I think with the hope that the cat spotted wasn't Peluche, maybe your friends should ask the neighbors to join them and head out one afternoon and just look EVERYWHERE a kitty could hide within a 1/2 mile radius of the tree. Maybe up to a mile if they have time. Under bushes, porches, ask people permission to look in garages, backyards, etc. If she is still alive ( ) this will have the greatest chance of having her returned to her family.

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I hope that they will still find her
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Oh!! Thats terrible!! Im praying she will come home!! Good to you at this stressfull time...:rainbowheart:
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Lucy founf Peluche's body yesterday - the good news (if such can be in these circumstances) is that she was lying not far from where she was last seen, and the vet is of the opinion that she had a heart attack. SHe was 6 years old, and I didn't know, but my friend did, that she had a heart condition. At least there is no more worry about where she might be and everyone can get closure. Thank you for your comments.
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So sorry that happened.
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Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry for your friends. I was so hoping..... But you're right - at least it brings closure.

Peluche, you were very loved and will be very missed. I hope you're playing happily over the bridge now. Your family misses you very much.

I'm sure she's doing what she can to let them know she's OK now.

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Oh how I was hoping that Peluche was okay! to you at this difficult time!! I hope this gets back to the bridge soon!!!

RIP beloved Peluche! I hope you're playing over the bridge so healthy, with the strongest of hearts!
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Out of respect for sweet Peluche, I'll move this to the Bridge.
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i'm so sorry that it wasn't the happy ending we were all hoping for but i am glad for her family that she was found. it must be so terrible to never know.

RIP sweet peluche.
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Awww, how sad. May Peluche rest in peace
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I'm so sorry for your friends families loss. At least they have closure. Rest in Peace Peluche .
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Please convey my condolences to you and your friend's family. RIP Peluche
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How sad RIP sweet Peluche
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