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So since I work with pet rescue shelters I gave my father and his girlfriend one of our rescue cats ("Boo") after nursing her back to health and teaching her to trust humans at least a little.

She was basically wild, lived in the forest, beautiful Norwegian/Main Coon kind of mix, sooooo shy but such a baby girl at heart, with some T-Touch massage and a lot of time I had her purring when pet...

My father has a house right next to a botanical garden, so a happy place for cats, I was glad to have found her such a good home.

A year later my sister the vet found a very pretty kitten in need of placement and fell in love with it I guess, because she asked my father to take her as a "friend" for Boo.

I recommended a neutered male instead, since Boo played with males in my experience with her, and needed as much attachment to her home as possible. She curled up at my place with her brother ("Bear") and played with him (and other male rescue cats) all the time, unfortunately he passed away from feline leukemia way too soon :·(

The last thing Boo needed was competition or an equally active + shy cat to drive her away from the house, it was hard enough to get her inside for vet visits and whatnot anyways, since she preferred to spend her time in nature, irrespective of the weather!

Of course, the aforementioned girlfriend (sorry, but she's one of "those") insisted on the cute kitty, and lo and behold within a few weeks "Lilly" had basically driven Boo out of her home just by being so farking annoying to her and by representing competition for food and attention.

The girlfriend couldn't care less it seems, and I feel sooooooo bad for giving them Boo now, if I get the chance to live in a house with garden again I will have to go fetch her, breaks my heart how people can be so disrespectful to an already established member of their family just cause the new one is "cute" or something!!!

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well it may be cute now, But All kittens grow up! I mean, is that lady going to keep getting new ones everytime one grows up?? Boo should be the one getting all the attention right now, she should still be hid away until its time to meet face to face! With BooBoo I introduced right away Eek & Jax! I let BooBoo know that he is still king too! He was here first, which doesn't mean you cant love the new cat just as much, it just means that you have to think about the one you got first! The vet told me to pay more attention to BooBoo than I do to Jax & Eek, that way they dont undermine his authority!

Poor Boo!! Not fair! Getting run out of his own house!!
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Unfortunately I have known people who have done that with both kittens and puppies. They love them while they are babies and lose interest when they grow up and want another baby. I don't understand it myself. Yes they are cute when they are babies but I think there is something special about the bond that you develop with a dog or cat that you have had for while.
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