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Orange-scented cat litter??

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I read in a thread on here that cats hate the smell of citrus and so if they are peeing on something they shouldnt be then make it smell all citrusy and they will stop peeing there.
I just bought some cat litter that is orange-scented, and I have also used a tidy cat formula that was also orange-scented, so are these cat litters going to make my cats stop using their litter boxes??
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It stopped all of mine but two when I tested and reviewed it.
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lol, them I'm wondering, why do they make it??
(I'm laughing at "them", not you)
And thanks, this could have been a disaster.
I already added a little bit to one of the litter boxes, I hope that doesn't hurt anything.
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I can't imagine that would go down well here, whenever I drink anything citrussy the boys come to investigate as usual and end up backing away rapidly with their faces screwed up in disgust...
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I'm just wondering if the orange scent actually covers anything up or will just make it smell like sickly sweet cat pee in the litter box?

Never heard of this before, we use those transparent plastic-like fiercely odor-absorbing cat litters that truly just don't smell like anything at all, even after being used ;·)

I'm guessing the orange aroma must be synthetic? So maybe it's not too citrus-like for your kittehs...

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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
It stopped all of mine but two when I tested and reviewed it.

I had a completely unused box in the one I tried Tidy Cats Small Spaces in. Everybody used the other boxes instead. So I ended up throwing out 20 lbs of unused litter.
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I have to mix them with unscented litter. THe Arm & Hammer high performance litter has a terrible citrus smell and I have to cut it with Swheat Scoop. I don't get it either
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It would probably work very well for Gracie...she loves the smell and taste of anything orange.
In fact I had to stop using orange scented furniture polish because of her.
She followed me all over the house licking all the furniture after I polished it
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I bought a smaller container of the small spaces tidy cat litter and the cats didn't seem to care - I put it in their preferred litter box and they continued to use that instead of the others. I don't really smell the litter (though others have said it is strong and awful). I think I overall prefer the original tidy cat (long lasting odor control) though. I don't think it's worth the extra couple bucks for the small spaces.
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I think if I ever used orange scented cat litter, I would be having to clean up pee in every location but the litter box. My cats hate citrus smells.
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It made me run ... the smell that is I returned it the next day
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Hmmm, I love the smell lol. But my cats opinions are what count here
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Different brand but I use a citrus scented litter, I can't smell the scent at all and the cats don't care one bit

There's a weird litter shortage going on over here so I had to switch brands and that was one of the 2 clumping in stock. I've been usuing it for a month now.
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Can't say that this is a good idea.

And as for the orange scent, yes it is a synthetic chemical made in a laboratory. It will also be the same chemical that causes the citrus smell we all know and love, (well perhaps not all kitties).

A friend of mine bought this in an effort to combat the smell problem.

I recommended frequent litter box cleaning.
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now if your cat is rushing the front door every time it opens, this litter make a great cat deterrent- Just sprinkle some on the carpet in front of the door.
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Being notorious citrus haters as they are, whoever came up with that idea certainly didn't know very much about cats...
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I think manufacturers are overthinking and applying cleaning-product scents to other household products--what the litter smells like doesn't matter to us as long as it keeps other smells away! It makes you wonder if they even tested it with actual cats or to see if the smell was more pleasant to humans.
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My cats are using lemon grass scented litter with no problems...
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
Being notorious citrus haters as they are, whoever came up with that idea certainly didn't know very much about cats...

There`s always going to be the exeption to the rule but I really wonder what the company has to say. Surely they do research? Never seen anything like that here. I`ve read many times that if a cat is pooping in your flower beds to leave cut up lemon rind scattered there.

Kitty hates if I eat an orange but is ok if I`ve used lemon soap. Maybe because it`s synthetic it`s not supposed to bother them but still
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i am using those litter which is scented as well... i found it better to cover the smell and my cats love it better since the litter smell cover up some of the smell of their pee... however i have heard some cats may hate those scented litter and pee somewhere near the litter box. i still clean my little box 2-3 times a day but i still think those scented litters do manage to make the litter box smell better ( if the like the scent of the litter
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