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Too Cute!

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Check out this link. Move the mouse around, and the kitty watches it, she purrs if you put the cursor on her chest, and meows if you put it on her head.

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I've seen this before, it's really cute! I especially like the way it even seems to be breathing!
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That was pretty cute.. I'd like to know who did that..

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And the tail moves when you move the cursor over it. It's soooo cute
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Super-cute! And after I turned the sound on, it really got Willie's attention. He got up out of his sumbeam to come over and investigate.
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My son just got the link to this little animated cat from an on-line friend of his. My son called me to his room so I could see the cat, and then we decided to show it to Snowball...

This cat is soooo realistic that Snowball actually got JEALOUS!!!! LOL It was too funny! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of Snowball starring(sp?) intently at the monitor!!!!

BTW, my son is still having fun playing with that cat!!! (the animated one.)
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Funny!! My 2 were sound asleep on the floor until they heard the meows, then they were up on the desk in no time, fratically looking for that other cat. Enya was trying to figure out where it was in the speader, but neither of them noticed the cat on the screen.
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OOPS! That was suppose to be 'speaker'.
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Thats too cute!
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