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Allergic To Cats?

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I am allergic to cats, birds, dogs, and about a million other things . But I am an animal lover and can't imagine my life with out atleast one cat and one dog. And here I am living with two dogs, three cats, and am getting a bird in the spring. I am lucky though the worst I get is sneezing, occasionally itchy eyes, and the occasional rash but nothing life threatening. I am so lucky I can live with my animals.

Who else here is allergic to their cats?
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Developed hard core allergies in my 20s and my doctor told me highly allergic to cats......................Yeah and? Might as well be allergic to myself, because my kitty is a part of me and going no where! I have always had a kitty best friend since I was a little girl, suddenly developed an allergy? I guess its part of getting older....................
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We have six. I'm very allergic, so I take Zyrtec every day, I have steroid cream for when I get hives, and I keep the eye-drops with antihistamine stuff in them on hand for the itchies.

We brush the kitties with a curry comb every day (they love it!) and then wipe them down with pet wipes (or a damp towel). That really helps cut down on the dander.

I also keep throw blankets over the backs of the couches and lounge chairs - easy to wash every week (and easy to fold up when companies come over). They also prevent the hair from getting in the fabric, so vacuuming every other day is a lot easier.

We use lots of blinds instead of curtains - that really helps, though we do have curtains - we just vacuum them every week.

We also have air filters in every room (except the kitchen) - and two of them in the bedroom.

Sounds like a lot of work - but it's worth every minute and every penny!

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I am Allergic to so many things. In 1987 the Dr said get rid of my Cats because my Asthma and I refused. I have 4 now. I do get Hives when I get clawed. My Cat has Asthma too. We do not have Drapes or Curtains. Fish makes me very Sick and so does Beets. I am Allergic to Cats,Dogs and most furry Animals,Milk,Beets,Fish,Dust,Mold,Flowers,Perfumes,Soaps and aot more. I used to get Allergy Shots 3 times a week. I Hate Spring when the Pollen comes out.
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Jess and I are both allergic to cats. She also has asthma. But we're both cat lovers, and we agreed that no house feels like a home without a cat, so we took in our little feral kitten, who is now a spoiled housecat!

We throw a blanket over the bed and brush/wipe him whenever we remember. We also take meds. But it's worth it
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I AM!!!!! But why get rid of your kitties for such a simple thing. I always say 'would you get rid of your children for your ulcers?' I know what I need to do to cut back on my allergy problems, and that's bathe them once a month. I'm just peachy unless they kiss me. Which Enzo loves to do....I'm allergic to cat dander and saliva. I get hives wherever their saliva/scent touches my skin. I went into my job interview with bright red patches on my check I explained it and luckily she is also a cat lover.
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John is mildly allergic to the cats, but he takes medication and we keep everything spotlessly clean and keep the kitties brushed and wiped down with a wet rag every once in awhile. We also keep an air purifier running at all times. It's really helped him out.
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I am ...allergic to cats..but...of course I now own
but not that bad..its a mild allergy...
could be why this cough isn't going anywhere..but i"m thinking the stress i'm under is another factor..
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I am very allergic to cats. Cat allergies are worse in the winter when the house is closed up and you are stuck inside with all the dander.

There are some ideas in this article to help combat cat allergies:
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I am! Luckily it's not bad, usually as long as their fur does not get into my eyes I don't have too much trouble, but when that happens look out!! I also develop bright red welts if they scratch me my hand actually looks like it went thru a war right now
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I think I have a slight allergy to the cats. I have 3 inside (1 is a foster) right now-- 1 short hair, 1 long hair, and 1 medium hair. When the long and medium haired cats sit on my chest they make my eyes water and burn and they make me sneeze. It just developed over the last year or so. I am not the best housekeeper ever either so that probably doesn't help.
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I take Qvar and Albuterol for Asthma and Pred when it is real bad. i have Flonase and Clarin D for the Allergies. I had to stop the shots they were costing to much.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
I I always say 'would you get rid of your children for your ulcers?'
Isn't that what boarding school is for?
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I'm allergic to cats and dogs but I would never give up my cats just because they make me sneeze and make my asthma act up a bit. The love I get from them makes it all worth it.
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Yep....allergic to cats too.
Oh well
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Yup, I'm allergic to cats and have 3 and volunteer at the shelter Mine's only bad if I haven't been around cats for a while, I build up tolerance pretty quick.
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