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Your Style?

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I know anouther random thread from me! Lets see how this one turns out lol. Just a random thought and felt like asking. Whats your style? As in how do you dress. I have no idea how to qualify me. Im always in skinny jeans or big poofy skirts. With the jeans im usually in knee high boots over my jeans or in converse. I like old band Tshirts and tv show tshirts. Like I have this great one that says "I'd Get LOST with Sawyer" for the LOST tv show. I also like any kind of retro style tshirt or baby doll top. I am also no stranger to hoodies. I do like to layer my clothes from time to time especially tank tops. OH! Lol also my nails are always either Lime green or black my two favorite colors.

So what do you like to wear?
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I think I'm probably as casual as you can get! Jeans and t-shirts, jeans and sweat shirts, jeans and casual sweaters (do you see a common theme here?). I only wear dresses for weddings and funerals. Well, I wore one for my wedding but that didn't count . My husband hates it, but I just don't feel comfortable in skirts or dresses. My everyday makeup consists of eyeliner or nothing at all. My hair is as simple as can be. But, if we go out on the weekend, I do put some effort in my appearance and wear makeup, do my hair and a do have some sexy shirts I wear...but that's about it. For me, it's all about comfort.

Oh, I got a french manicure for my wedding...over 2 years ago. Other than filing when I think about it, that's about it. Normally my nails rip off before I have to file them anyway. I am definitely NOT a girly-girl.
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Pretty casual here Unless I am actually going somewhere, I wear comfy clothes!! No skirts or dresses for me...
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Hmmm...I am mostly a "jeans, t-shirt, and hoody" type...

But I do like wearing nice slacks...mostly black, and a nice shirt everyonce in a while, or for working, church, etc...
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I almost always wear jeans and a t-shirt... plus a jacket or sweater if it's cold. I own one skirt, and that's the only thing I own that isn't jeans!
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long dark dresses with striped tights
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I more or less look like I fell out of a Gap or J. Crew. A Gap or J. Crew with a whole bunch of cats living at it
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
I more or less look like I fell out of a Gap or J. Crew. A Gap or J. Crew with a whole bunch of cats living at it
Hey, no outfit is complete without cat hair, right?
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I guess the best way to describe my style is Bohemian
Whatever is comfortable and looks good to me.

Here's a prime example:

Black sundress, black girlie hat with gold piping and a big gold flower on it, Doc Marten boots and white knee high socks.
I'm also completely bald under that hat.
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i wear like tracksuity type's (Adidas), also wear Playboy, Bench & Hooch sort of things aswel hehe! if am going out, then i like to wear jeans & smart girly/pretty tops, with smart jackets
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My style...Whatever I look good in (IMO) and comfortable. So for me thats jeans (blue, stonewash or black) and t-shirts (black, neutral, white mainly). I also own a lot of band shirts (ACDC, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard etc) and shirts with smart alec comments on them (like my bart I have issues shirt).
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Jeans and t-shirts of course sweaters when it's really cold. I do have a dress, and a some dress-up clothes, I used to be a girly girl, but when we started raising kids, the jewlery hair and nails, just didn't seem to matter anymore.
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At home, I'm casual: t-shirts & sweatpants, or capris in the summertime. When I go out shopping or whatever, I get a little more "dressed up". A nice pair of jeans or capris, a nice "girly" shirt, and I usually put on make-up. I do have quite a few dresses/skirts that I wear for special occasions, but rarely wear a dress or skirt otherwise. My hair is long and I almost always wear it up in a clip to keep it out of my way, but if I'm going to a wedding or something fancy, I'll curl it and leave it down or braid it. I keep my nails long & polished: sometimes I'll "cheat", and buy fake ones if I want something really fancy.

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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Pretty casual here Unless I am actually going somewhere, I wear comfy clothes!! No skirts or dresses for me...
Same here..I am always casual unless at work. At home, I wear jammies all the time. On the weekend, just jeans and a tshirt.

I do wish I was more girly, but I'm just not.
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