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Really creepy feeling...

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Yesterday morning on the way to work (we actually left really early and took a route we havent gone in awhile), Rob & I saw a pretty bad car accident on the other side of the road. A blue Lancer was T-boned by a Chevy Tahoe, directly in the driver side door. I saw the airbag was deployed and it looked like someone was still in the car. There were a few people stopped to help so we didn't stop too (about 3 other cars were pulled over). I just heard a news story on Live 5 saying a teacher was killed in a car accident on Highway 78 yesterday, so I checked the internet.

Sure enough, the accident we saw was that one. It feels kind of creepy knowing that someone died in that accident and I saw what looked like a person still laying in the car. The accident was her fault (did not yield to the Tahoe) and she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. When I saw the accident, I assumed the Tahoe was at fault, looked like he pulled out of the side road into her.

Link to the story:

I cant imagine being one of those people getting out of their cars to help and finding someone dead. :gets chills: They pronounced her dead less than 10 minutes before I walked into work - probably around the time she should have been pulling in to her own job. It even says that her own son saw the car accident.
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Wow! That is scary, and very sad....

I couldnt imagine finding a dead person...
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That is so sad. Last year, John and I and John's grandpa were going to visit John's uncle when we were stopped by an accident. A motorcycle had wrecked. There was a man and a woman laying by the side of the road, I could see them very clearly. I found out later that the man had died immediately, so he was not alive when I saw him. It was very creepy and sad to find that out.
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Ive been through something like that. I worked at a local resteraunt here in 2001 and I had just sent 4 people out the door telling them "have a hey day!"
I look out the window saw a van driving through the parking lot, saw a white streak fly through the air and the van drive off. I went outside and the women was obviously dead. Her husband was still alive and trying to get to her although he had been ran over completly, we had to hold him down, he didn't need to see her like that. She died instantly, her head was open, and the insides were no longer there. The worst part is her dress was pulled up and of course you cant move anything, so her panties were exposed and there were people driving by taking pictures. We took what we had to cover her up, which was white aprons, then some guy came and covered her up with a blanket. The other couple I sent out had been missed, and the ladies husband would have been too had he not ran after her, trying to save her. He died 8 hours later. They were celebrating their wedding aniversary, and they were so cute, he came out of the casino side and asked her (Im not going to say their names) for some money to play the machines, she gave him a ten and told him not to spend it all at one place! I laughed, he went over had a beer played a couple bucks and brought her the change! Worse thing I ever seen in my life. I put the bouncy balls they were playing with that night in the casket with them. The police showed up and offered us therapy. The same people that witnessed the accident had to close down, even though I was crying my eyes out! We closed the resteraunt and to our suprise they wanted it to be open the next day. I spend most of the day yelling obcenities out the door for people to stop taking pictures, it wasn't a freak show! Ive never gotten over it. The ladies body would have landed on some of my regulars car but they had just reversed, the guy in the car that reversed threw up, the lady in there had a heart attack.
The guy driving the van claimed to have narcalepsy and hadnot taken his medicine, if you could have seen how he threaded the needed through where the building was and where the tree was like I did, you wouldn't believe him either. He got off scott free. He pulled over a couple blocks down the road because on the way into the resteraunt he hit a stop sign and it got stuck underneath his car so he was pulling it out. He had 7 children in the van with him. Hardest thing Ive ever been through!

Good luck! I hope the creepy crawlys go away for you! The rest of the time I worked at that resteraunt I never put anyone in the boothe they were sitting in, and I never ever told anyone to have a hey day again.
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I saw a bad one on highway 80. The guy ws o the freeway and he had died but we saw him. It was bad . I kept seeing it over and over for a long time. There was another one on 580 we saw cming home 2 years ago. He was on a Motorcyce and 2 Cars hit him. He died there.
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