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welcome to my home

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this is the foyer/hallway...

and the living room. come in and make youself comfortable.

or we can sit in the dining room. (if you want to surf the net, we hide the computer in the cabinet to the left of the doors.)

i can throw together a snack in the kitchen.

coco would like to invite you into her bedroom. (mine, really.)

and "ed's room". he'd love it if you'd join him for a drink!

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You have a lovely home Jan! I would KILL for a kitchen like that!!! I think Coco must be the Alpha kitty of the house because her room is so much bigger than Ed's. :laughing2
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I love your house Jan!
I would love to have a kitchen as big as yours!!!!! I love big kitchens!
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You have a very comfortable looking home. I loved seeing the pictures of it. Thanks!!
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Beautiful home! I really love seeing the photos of people's homes.

Thanks for sharing.
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What a great shot of Ed's room! Caught in the action! Really sweet home you have, and the kitties make it even better.
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Wow! So much space! It's GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing people's homes and dreaming of those lovely kitchens.

Ed's room - too cute!!!!
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I like your dinning room table/chair set, and your bathroom wallpaper
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Love your home and the furniture WOW!
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What a beautiful home you have!!!! I LOVE looking at people's homes!!!! And Merlin and Ed would get along so well....I have many pics of him at his favorite watering hole, too!!!!
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