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New puppy troubles

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About two weeks ago I bought a puppy. My two cats initially freaked out, but have since calmed down. They will smell the puppy if she is calm and show interest, but when the pup is running around being silly the cats get a little frazzled, but it is getting better. In the last 4 days or so, out female cat has started to urinate on our clothes. If a have a freah pile of clothes to be put away she will go and pee on them. I think she may have also urinated on our bath mat the other day too.
I assume the behaviour is related to our new puppy, but I'm unsure exactly why its happening or how to stop it, because its happened about 6 times but have only caught her twice.
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Your kitty is very upset, stressed, and mad at you for bringing in this crazy fur ball puppy who now seems to be getting lots of attention and free roam of their home! What you need to do is give the cats some time and boundaries, keep the puppy separated so the cats still have some control and a safety zone. Understand that this is your decision to bring in the puppy, not the kitties, and it can feel like punishment, intrusion, how would you feel if another moved in and you didn't even know about it?
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First question: Is the kitty spayed?

If not, that could be part of it.

I'd get her vet checked for a UTI, just to be safe. Stress can cause those, & it is painful to pee....so they pee elsewhere. The new puppy must be stressful.

I'd create a "puppy free" zone for the kitties. Make sure you spend quality time with her.
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Here's an article about introducing cats and dogs: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/5...s-to-Dogs.html

Sounds like kitties and puppy may need to be separated for a while.

She may have a UTI from the stress, so I agree with White Cat Lover - a trip to the vet is in order to make sure it isn't that.

Also, you definitely need to purchase a black light to go through your house to find every place she has peed. It will turn up as an orange splotch in the black light.

Any place she has soiled MUST be completely cleaned with an enzyme cleaner. Nature's Miracle is an example of one, and it is available at most supermarkets or pet stores. We use Nok-Out (http://www.nokout.com), and you may want to use Anti-Icky Poo. I suggest this because you may also want to consider Calm and Serene or Rescue Remedy Flower Essences - all available at the same site: http://www.catfaeries.com. Flower Essences help some cats, not others. I'd also purchase Feliway spray - it helps most cats feel calmer in a stressed environment, and it, too, is available at catfaeries.

Anyway, if you haven't used an enzyme cleaner and it's gotten onto/into the laundry basket or the bathroom carpet, or any carpet &etc, it may smell clean to you, but it doesn't to kitty. You have to use a lot of it on carpeting - and unfortunately, your clean clothes soiled by kitty need to be first washed with the enzyme cleaner and then washed like regular laundry. Same with any throw rugs.

You may also want to consider all of the above AND try purchasing Cat Attract Litter. If your kitty isn't ill, but is just stressed, you really need to help reduce her stress with the above suggestions, giving her more attention, some dog-free time, and the Cat Attract Litter has been helping a lot of cats, so it might be worth a try to - but only in combination with stress-reducers for kitty.

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Could the puppy possibly being the first to pee and your cat is trying to cover the scent with hers? I know a momma cat will do that when her kittens go....to cover their scent. Just a thought....
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