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Two Boxes?

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Should I have two litter boxes?

I just got my kittens a week or so ago and I keep reading about having more then one box.My kittens use the one they have with no problem...but do you think I should add a second?
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If they seem fine now, then just keep the one. Usually you have more problems with the litter pans if you have a cat and are introducing another one to the group. If they are from the same litter, then you should be fine.

Just remember they might want a larger pan in the future. They will outgrow a smaller pan and then might not want to share.
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Okay thanks.

Tha box they have is actually a larger one.Because I was supposed to take in an adult cat at first,so I bought a larger litter box.But things came up with the stray running away and nobody could find her and so I ended up taking in the kittens.

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