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Kitty Question

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Can anyone tell me, how young can a kitty be to wear a flee collar?

My Ash is 6 months and has flees, I have no idea how he got them, since he has never been outside. He came to my house straight from the breeders. And I already gave him a bath a couple of months ago, since it's winter I didn't want to give another one till it warms up a bit.

Thanx peeps
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There are all types of flea collars you have to read each one to find one for kittens. Yes there are some. I highly suggest you get the flea control from your vet though. That way the kiten doesnt have to wear it all the time.
Good luck with your new kitten.
denise russell
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Please please please please please please please please please do not use a Hartz Flea Collar on your kitty.
I almost lost my Socks that way. The vet said that if the collar had been on for 12 hours more, we probably would have had to assist her to the rainbow bridge. I can't remember what exactly the vet called it, because I was only 9 years old, but it was some sort of shock and infection due to allergy and prolonged exposure to the chemical (I think. I could be getting my words mixed up?). My poor baby was wearing that thing for a whole week. She lost a lot of her fur and had massive scabs where the collar was.

I'm not sure if this has happened to a lot of people with non-Hartz flea collars, but I've heard many horror stories about Hartz, and have experienced it first hand.
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Oh my goodness, that's horrible! I have only used Advantage, never used flea collars, and I fully recommend Advantage for flea control. I think they now make a kitty formula as well.
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Thanx for all the great advice, I'll check with my vet in the morning.
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I would see the vet!There are horror stort's aboy flea collors.
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Hi Lulu! I'm glad you got some help with the question. Technically, it's a health question, so I'll move it to the appropriate forum for you. I'll leave a redirect so that others in The Lounge can see the thread though, and easily join in the discussion if they choose to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to my PM.


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Jenn knows first hand, and Sherral's right - there are many problems with flea collars. Potentially fatal problems.

I'm so glad you decided to see the Vet for flea prevention treatment! It is more expensive, but your cat won't run the risk of death because of it.

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Oops - have something to add!

Flea collars are good for something. Cut them up and place them in your vaccuum bag. With an indoor/outdoor cat, fleas or larvae may end up in your home. The collars do kill the fleas (though at great risk to your cat). But in a vaccuum bag they present no danger to anything other than the intended target - the flea!

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