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You've "broken the ice", so to speak, by managing to get and stay in the pool, so things can only get better. Congratulations!
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Good for you! Congratulations!
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Congratulations on taking that first big step!

Are you ready to go scuba diving yet?
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Are you ready to go scuba diving yet?
Never! I can't even splash water on my face. Water on my face from the shower or even from rain outside sets off a big time anxiety attack.
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You did the most difficult part and took that important first step.

A friend of mine wanted to help me get over my fear of heights by paying my way to go skydiving with him. It was hit first time going, too. I didn't do it. I didn't even go to watch him and our boss at the time do it. I used to have dreams where I would be running and go right off of the edge of a cliff. I always woke up before I hit the bottom. I can't go the edge when standing on anything high. At work there is kind of a second floor above the restrooms that is used as part of our break area. I can't stand up there and look over the rail without feeling a little dizzy.
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way to go, Linda! I really enjoyed the aqua aerobics. Didn't think I would since I am a large woman. But everyone there was a larger person I never go in water too deep because I don't know how to swim Don't really have a fear of water, just never managed to learn. I can float with the best of them though

I bought my first swimsuit in 30 years for those classes. It is like your's only a one piece and tropical print Those noodles confused me! I spent more time trying to make it work with them than actually exercising. Ah, I miss it.
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well done!

i could never face up to my fear's! i'd rather die on the spot nothing in the world could change that, not even an amount of money LOL!

yeh, that's how bad it is! i used to be scared of the water, when my dad took me swimming i never used to let go, & this once he let go & i nearly drowned (i actually didn't, but it certainly felt like it though). it's harder for me because of my disability, even now i have to wear armbands & hold onto my partner
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
I bought my first swimsuit in 30 years for those classes. It is like your's only a one piece and tropical print
I went again today! I managed to not float all over the place and am quickly learning what position my body needs to be in in order to keep myself from tipping over and floating all around the pool! LOL

The instructors are really good. It was a different one today and I told her about my phobia. She was really good at adapting movements for me. During the part where we had to use the "noodle" we were supposed to be floating in a reclined position in the water and working our legs. During all of those types of exercises I had to hold onto the side of the pool because when I lean back and my feet leave the bottom panic sets in.

I'm really enjoying it though. The water feels so nice and warm.

One thing about my bathing suit. Because of the dress part when it's wet and I'm getting out of the pool the thing feels like it weights 10 pounds!

Today one of the girls from the class stopped me and told me that if my suit has nylon and spandex in it that that it will disintegrate from the chlorine in the pool water! She said she and some of the other members were going through a suit every 6 to 8 weeks because the material was being eaten away from the chlorine and had become transparent. She recommends that I get a 100% polyester suit.

I looked at the label of the suit I bought the other day and it says 80% nylon and 20% spandex! And the instructions say to wash in cold water and hang to dry and to NOT USE CHLORINE!

Who the heck makes a swim suit that you can't use in a swimming pool!

I didn't know what to look for as this is the first bathing suit I've owned in more than 25 years and back then I didn't use it often enough for it to break down, so I don't even know what the material was.

The suit I bought was $100.00 plus taxes and if it starts to break apart in 6 weeks, I'm going back to the store and showing it to them and telling them that I specifically said that I needed a bathing suit to do aqua fit classes.

I washed it in the shower at the gym and then when I got home I washed it with Tide and cold water in the sink. So hopefully the 1 hour that I'm in the pool/jacuzzi each day isn't going to do it much harm.
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