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Possibly very sick kitty.

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Hey again folks,

I'm really starting to worry about my fur baby. He is not himself at all. Some may remember that I posted he had blood in his urine not so long ago, I got him to the vets (paying a lot more money than I had) and he had a course of strong anti biotics, and an injection with anti biotics and anti inflamatories in it, and he seemed to get a bit better, he stopped obsessively grooming himself, and he was more alert than he had been in a while, the blood also went, but two days after the tablets finished he had blood in his urine again, then the next day it was gone, so i kinda relaxed, figuring it was a last minute discharge or something.

However its been over a month and he is still teeing on the one spot thats not his litter tray, and it has a rather Egg like smell to it, as well as it being very dark. He also Meows a LOT when he is actually teeing. He is also back to obsessviely grooming himself to baldness (I have sorta figured it might be a pain thing).

After reading the pain signs thread I have noticed that Titch displays some of the signs, he gets anti social with me and goes and sleeps among the blankets on top of the wardrobe all day, and when the heating comes on he will sleep on the boiler until it cools down, or sleep against the radiator for the heat.

Needless to say I am taking him to the vets as soon as possible, but I am just getting so worried about him, and to the extent he could be sick, I really don't like the idea of loosing him. Im starting to think more and more that it could possibly be FIP, his eyes have gone from a lovely blue to an amber sort of colour, hes skinny appart from his belly, and he goes through periods where he wont eat for a few days, his ears and nose also go very pale.

I just hope that my vets will actually give it their all and conduct a thorough diagnosis for me, rather than just sending me home with some feliway and tablets.


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Take him back to the Vet. I hope he will be ok.
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Oh dear, thats so awful!! I hope its not FIP... Such a rough disease, I just went through it with Glitch, so if you would like to talk, just let me know!
How long has your baby been sick?? Glitch got sick and then 6 weeks after his belly got swollen he was gone... Its very fast, Glitch actually was one of the longer lived FIP babies. Normally they are gone in 3-4 weeks!
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It's hard to tell but roughly he's been off and on ill for about 3 months now. Mostly recurring UTI's, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's only something like Crystals.
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Has his belly been swollen the whole time?? Mine never got the UTI's, he had loss of apetite, swollen round belly, weakness, shaking head, lack of interest, weight loss, sleepyness, troubles walking or sitting down, and no interest in anything except his blanky!

I think if his belly has been swollen the whole time, he probably couldn't have FIP, because it normally takes them faster than that... The wet form is fatal!
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Im not so sure if it would be classed as swollen or just bloated, but it is large for his frame.

And I've only noticed it like that in the last coupole of weeks.
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Oh so the bellys started swelling just recently! What other symptoms does he have?? Any vomiting?? When Glitch's belly swelled I could feel the liquid in there, I couldn't feel an organ in there if my life depended on it! Also, stress is a factor for FIP, it seems that the corona virus doesn't mutate until there is some kind of stress involved! Example, when Kitten died, Glitch got sick, when Moocha died, Glitch got FIP. Theres only so much stress they can handle! Has he been tested for the corona virus??
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He hasnt been tested for anything yet, the vets just ignored most of what i told them and gave me treatment for a UTI.

As for being sick, he does sometimes after he eats, but I have put that down to him scoffing his food too fast. Lately I have seen spots where there has been sick, but its gone like hes eaten it again, or maybe the dog did, but now the dog is with my sister i'll know for sure.

He actually did something rather strange today, he has this one place he tee's, and today he did his number 2 there as well.
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I also forgot to mention, his eyes can be quite large a lot of the time, even when he's in bright surroundings.
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yeah, theres definatly something going on there! Another thing is, has he had alot of fevers perhaps?? That was one of the tip offs of FIP with my baby boy, after his belly started to swell I took him in and I had done my homework, so I asked about everything, they checked his records and said with his list of unexplained fevers, swollen belly and unexplainable sickness that he probably had FIP. Which they later confirmed by testing the fluid in his belly!
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If you really think it's FIP, go to Dr. Addie's website to read up on testing for it. Oh, I hope that it isn't the case! for your baby feeling better!
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yeah, the problem with FIP is alot of cats have different symptoms then other ones! I would go back to the vet, if you catch this stuff early enough it *says* that there is a chance of remission. Didn't happen for me, but it would be nice if it happened to someone! I really hope that isn't it though!
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When was the last time he was wormed? UTI's can take more than one course of antibiotics to clear up, and the fact you left it so long with his issues mean it could be hard to shift. What do you feed him? Dry food can contribute to UTI's, so wet food only will help a lot.
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To Iluvdevons: Thanks for the link, I have been to Dr Addie's before and that's what got me more convinced that it could be FIP.

He's always been on wet food, and he has water down that i change daily as well as fresh water in the sink on demand. I do give him some dry biscuits, but only a small amount once a day. He was wormed 3 weeks ago, I worm him regularly even though he's an indoor cat who never goes out.

(he hates going outside where i live right now, last time I tried him outside he charged into my neighbours house when they opened their door and camped on the top of their curtain rail making all sorts of noises untill i came to fetch him)

I keep thinking about things he might have had that could develop into FIP, and with exception of some UTI's that the vet dismissed as reccuring systitis (sp?) he's only ever had Cat Flu.

I got him a play mate last year, she had a really bad case of cat flu even though she was only young, her eyes were crusted over so she couldnt open them, her nose was running and she was sneezing a lot, she was under weight, and her breathing was difficult, I actually thought i might not have her for very long.

I took her to the vets imediately and got her the right treatment, but a couple of days later I came home to Titch sitting on the stairs waiting for me with weepy looking eyes and when i said hello he sneezed at me, luckily i had an appointment for Tootsie later that day so i arranged to have him taken in too, but ever since his breathing through his nose has been a little sniffly. Poor Tootsie sounds like she has a permanent blocked nose from it. But she is a very happy kitty right now, I rehomed her with my elder sister because she fell in love with her so much, and Tootsie really enjoyed going out, now she's on a small holding with lots of fields to roam, and she loves every second of it.
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I would really get kitty to the vet... The problem is that the corona virus is the cat flu alot of the time, so a UTI could have stressed him out to cause it to mutate! You should be safe than sorry! If you catch it early enough maybe there is something that can be done, and if its not FIP, the swelling of the belly would make me nervous anyway, because that could be something too! I just dont want you to have to go through what me and so many others on here have gone through with FIP. If you can find out for sure what kitty has it would be helpfull!

BTW~ Hissy is the FIP expert, she has written many articles on it and could give you very valuable information!
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Yeah im getting him an apointment as soon as they're open on monday, the vets around here totally suck.
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Ohhh, that really stinks to wait so long... hows the kitty doing today?? Any better?? Belly Bigger??
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I hope the Cat wi be ok.
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