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A rare picture

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It's so hard to get good pictures of black cats without taking them outside in the sunlight! I was finally able to get this one of Spooky Bear yesterday.

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Very purrrty!! :rainbowheart:
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I agree very purrty! ...
yes ..I sometimes do have trouble getting photos of my black cats...
I manage.
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wow what a handsome boy!!!
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Don't black cats look so evil! That's why I love them...they just have this "don't mess with me" look! Great pic, and such a gorgeous boy! Heck, I have trouble taking pics of ANY of my cats...usually all I get are fuzzy blurs.....
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Spooky Bear is very handsome!
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Spooky Bear (great name) is totally gorgeous. My two are tux's but dont take great pics indoors as they are so black on top.
Lovely photo.
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What a sweet heart!!
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wow! that is a stunning pic! i know i have taken some of shinobi and been very disappointed cos you can hardly see him, well done for getting such a great photo!
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Cute picture!

I find each time I take a picture of Shark, she looks like a black ball of fur with eyes her features never really show unless it's a nice day and she is lying in a sunny patch on the ground or something.
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