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Women you that have had kids

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My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby,a girl, due March 15.

Well my brother called awhile ago and said she lost her *plug*....

I have said all along she would have the baby early..and the nurse told her today she thinks she will have her in 2/3 weeks.

So my question is, to you that have had kids, after you lost yours, how long was it before you delivered?
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I never had that happen, maybe I didn't have one? It's my understanding that it means labor is on the way, but it might still be days or weeks.

Is this your first niece?
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I lost my "mucous plug".....(sorry, it sounds so gross) with my second child. I was 6 &1/2 months along. I lost it around 6:00 pm and went to the hospital and my water broke. They sent me by ambulance to Portland and I delivered my son by c-section at 10:30 pm. There was nothing to be done after my water broke and contractions began.
BTW... my son is now 22 and 6'1". He weighed 3.6 at birth. You would never know today that he was once such a wee thing!

My situation was unusual.

Congratulations on pending Aunt-hood!
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that are women at TCS? when did this happen.
I want my money back
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
that are women at TCS? when did this happen.
I want my money back
LOL, as soon as I saw the title I figured 1 of you guys woud be in here!
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Alright, I was 34 weeks when I lost my plug with my first child Angel, I called the hospital and they told me it could be up to another 2 weeks, that night I started having pains, having never gone through labor before I had no idea what the heck it was, so I walked around the house and sqauted for 12 hours before the pain got so intense that I drove myself to the hospital, and then they told me I was in labor! How was I suppose to know that the lady on the phone didn't know what she was talking about?? Alls I knew was it felt good to squat! After that it was only a few hours... so after my plug came out with the first one it was 24 hours before I had the baby!

My other two were much quicker than that after the plug came out though
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It was a while ago, but I think it was within 24 hours...
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With both of mine I went into to labor with in 48 hours each time after I lost my mucus plug. She should let her doctor know and he might want to check her..
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Well it's different with every women and their pregnancy.
With my son my mucus plug broke a week before he was born.
And with my daughter it broke 24 hours before she was born
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
It was a while ago, but I think it was within 24 hours...

DITTO for me
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Yeah, I think you're going to get different answers throughout the board! When I called the hospital they TOLD ME it would be another two weeks, so Im pretty sure the normal is anywhere from right away to 3 weeks!
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I didn't lose my plug until less than an hour before delivery, and I had a 36 hour labor.

If she hasn't already, she needs to let her doctor know. Once the plug goes and/or the water breaks, infection can get into the birth canal, so it is important that her doctor be in the loop.

My best guess its, she'll be delivering EARLY.
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A friend of mine lost her mucous plug, then had her water break at 28 weeks, and she was kept in hospital, trying to delay labour. Her baby finally came at 32 weeks, and he's a happy healthy little 2 year old now.
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Thanks all!!

She is currently 34 weeks so regardless the baby should be ok if she comes before 36 weeks! And yesterday she had a dr appt already so they know about her *losing* it!

I bet she has her in 2-3 weeks!
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