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My Cutie

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This is just too cute to NOT show. My little counter surfing dork on a Maine Coon busted his hip last week and has had surgery. He obviously KNOWS I work on the internet and use my laptop to do so on the weekends, lol, so he figured out how to STOP me. This does show a great thing, not your typical cone, this bugger is soft *ish*.

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Awww, so cute!
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totally cute!
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Awww, poor kitty! Doesn`t look like it`s bothering him too much though

Hope he`s better soon!
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yeh, cutie!
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He should get his stitches out today so he will be FREE of the cone! The incision looks great, the way they stitched him up I don't even think it will leave much of a scar and it goes from the top of his thigh...all the way down!
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Aw, poor buddy but that is a cute snapshot of him! He looks so comfy!
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Aww.. Did I miss something? What happened?
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Aww.. what a sweet guy
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