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What Food is good for a 7.5 Year old Cat?

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I have noticed Meeko has got a little bit fatter. She is on Natures Best Natural. My almost 16 Year old Cat is on C/D because her Bladder Infections so Meeko can not share with her. Sasha my 1.5 Year old gets the same food as Meeko. Oreo gets Iams Kitten food and the same food as them. it hard to feed them all seperate. Before Coco was on C/D the Vet didnt want her on Senior Food for some reason. she is very Allergic to Fish.
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Wow - it's hard in multiple cat households I suggest picking a food that is not high in carbs, but the issue of "sharing" food will still come up.
(I have had a problem not with weight but with Ares needing food for allergies and Hypnos being a kitten. I solved it by feeding both a bit of dry NB Duck and Peas, but majority of their food is wet EVO 95% [venison and duck meats]- which works awesome for Ares allergies, but has the protein and fat levels appropriate for a growing kitten.)
It probably means that you will have to try and separate each cats food, and free feeding dry is out. I guess one thing you could try is placing dry food in a feed ball so that Meeko will get exercise while eating?
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the two younger ones could both be on a ADULT food together ....

other than food any issues ?>??
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Coco has to stay on C/D but tht is ok she is out here. I have to remove the Dish when the other Cats are out here. Meeko does stil play. Oreo and Sasha are only a Year and few days apart. Sasha was born Aug 24 2006 and Oreo Aug 29 2007. Is the Natures Best good frood for them? It is expensive but I want them eating good food. Where do I get Ivo at? What is Nb? All my Cats free feed. I ave never seen a feed bal before.
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Natures best starts with grains, if memory serves it also has pork fat ( ) and SOY ... cats dont need grains and better foods can be found ....

EVO is often found at mom and pop stores ( likely 2 times what you pay for SD at least here ( I do like it )

NB= Natural balence also a good food

I would ask where your shopping ??
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I always get my food at Petsmart but we do have feed stores here. We also have small mom and pop Pet Stores. I will check them.
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look at
blue spa
royal canin
by nature
at petsmart
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I just looked it up. i can get it at Petbarn and a few other places.
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EVO 95% are very good the regular all I can say is three out of three animals were allergic ..

rotate brands and flavors of wet .. this is easy ... many rotate two or more drys together ... I usually have two going ...
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Thanks dor the help. I have used Blue Spa Kitten before and she liked it. It was when Sasha was a Kitten last year. I have seen all those at Petsmart.
Which one do you sugest? I found the NB too at some local stores. We have Peyco here too.
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I prefer one meat and one grain to no grains .... mine eats Natural choice and Taste of the wild
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Thanks for the help
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