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The Strangest Thing in Your Life!

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I don't believe in stranded souls, but I lived in a house that had unexplained events and sounds. Most people would call it haunted, but my only thought on it is that energy cannot be killed. There were footsteps in the middle of the night, music coming from nowhere, arguing voices, and thumping on the walls, among other things.

Obviously we checked for natural explanations before accepting the fact that these things could not be explained. My children, my sister and her family, my husband and I all experienced some of these things. I have no explanation, just that we don't understand everything. Perhaps what we experienced was an awareness of past events. Who knows? I only know that it happened.
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Ghosties Jeanie... definately Ghosties....

at least they're friendly!
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That's what most people call them. I can't accept that because I don't think God would allow anyone to get stranded here. I don't have another name though. Very strange, whatever it was!
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This is something that happened when I was still living with my parents. It didn't happen to me, it happened to my brother. We were spending the weekend with my grandparents, whose house was on the edge of a very small town. During the night my brother woke up around 2 a.m., and he heard a voice outside that kept repeating "help me". My brother looked through his window trying to find evidence that there was a person outside, but there was nothing. He got really scared and hid under the covers but he still kept hearing that voice. No one else heard anything.

The next day he told us what had happened during the night, and our mother thought maybe there had been a car accident on the highway and an injured person had wandered away looking for help. We found out a little later that there hadn't been any accidents that night, and we never found an explanation for the voice my brother heard.
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I have heard many 'unexplained' things that have happened to my family and close friends. My father was very religious, but he had a couple of experiences that totally left him believing in the paranormal world.

Because I do not have all the facts of life, I keep an open mind. It's an interesting avenue to explore, discuss, and question.

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i have a lot of those strange moments. so that I am used to them now. i believe they are people who have not learned that they can go towards the light. i have been told if you see them, tell them to go to the light. in other cases, i believe they are spirits which are different from ghosts, and in other times, i think they are loved ones who are checking up on us.
i am a believer in those things. you may attract energy, who knows? my mother said that i most likely attract that kind of energy because i am sensitive.
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If you think that it may be an earthbound soul, you could try to talk to it and tell it to go to the light. That's it's ok to go to the light. Stuff like that.
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After my first husband was killed, I would find open packs of his brand of cigarettes every time I was about to make what would turn out to be a bad decision. I found 2 in my car on the way to get married to my daughter's father. I haven't found any since I have been in my current relationship.
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I haven't really seen anythin like that, but when I had my tarot cards read recently, the reader kept talking to someone who was supposedly standing next to her (from things she was saying, I think it was my Nan who died about 3 years ago)

That was spooky!
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I am really terryfied of spirits etc....

My strangest experience is: When I was 19, my father passed away suddenly. I was in Ontario and he lived in Quebec. i had not seen him in a few months. He sent me a birthday card in January and wrote a beautiful letter saying how proud he was to have me as a daughter and to watch my health and to stay out of trouble etc.... Looking back, I realise now that he knew the end was near. I did not see it then. In March of the same year, he passed away. I was beyond devastated and full of guilt at not having had the chance to say good-bye. I did not accept his death and I could not forgive myself. I spent a year in total grief. I was depressed and upset and mad at the world. night, a little over a year after his death. I was in my appartment asleep when, all of a sudden, I sat up in bed. I had the eeriest feeling wash over me, I knew someone was in my room, and I was sooooo scared. I looked around the room and when I looked at my ceiling, there was this purple glow outlining the ceiling. Needless to say, I did not sleep that night. And, the next day, I spoke to someone about it (I can't, for the life of me remember who) I was told that it was probably my dad's spirit telling me that he was okay and to let go of him....he needed to rest. So I did. That night, I cried like I never had before. I apologized to him, told him I loved him and that I was sorry and then I told him to go, that I would be ok. And that was it.....This has not happened to me since. I don't tell many people I know about this because some people would think I was crazy but, it did happen. I saw it with my own 2 eyes and I believe that this does happen. How and why....I'll probably never know.

I think the souls that linger here are the one's we are not willing to let go of immediately, for our own personal reasons or, because we un-intentionally keep them around without even knowing it.

When mom passed away, I immediately told her to rest in peace. That I loved her and that I would be ok. (not that I am happy about having her go but.....I was scared to have that experience again).

So, do I believe? You betcha!
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You all have such interesting storys. Does anyone watch "Crossing over" on the scifi channel? Where that man talks to passed away loved ones? I want to beleive it but it seems too good to be true.
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That guy John Edwards, does cold readings. He starts with an idea, and then someone bites. He keeps suggesting until someone gets something they think pertains to them. He is very skilled at it, but it was a carnival side show standard for years. It's nothing new.
I guess if it makes people feel better, he's not doing any harm.
I believe there are people that are actually psychic, or very intuitive, but I don't think he is one of them.
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I don't believe in John Edwards. If he can really convey messages, then why can't he just walk up to someone and say "Eddie, your grandmother expects you to quit living in sin with that girl and give her a ring, yesterday!" None of this vague calling out names to a room full of people crud. I can't say if psychic phenomena is or isn't real, but Sylvia Brown (who guests on the Montel show) is far more entertaining. In fact, I've seen her tell people that their problems aren't psychic phenomena. She told one guy that his car wasn't posessed, just defective in its wiring.
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I agree, Sylvia Browne is way more entertaining - shes on every wednesday on Montel. I admit I am hooked on her!
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I have classes during Montel! Oh, for the carefree days of housewifery... yeah, right, I hated being a housewife.
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Sylvia Browne just tells people what they want to hear. Last week, a woman said that she was very close to her late mother and she would like to think that her mother comes to her baby. SB said, "Of course, your mother visits your daughter. You hear the baby cooing and gurgling - she's talking to your mother." Puh-leese!
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thats creepy
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