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Favorite cat shampoo?

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Does anyone have a decent cat shampoo that doesn't smell horribly of chemicals. The only thing I have been able to find is Hartz brand (which I will never use), and a brand I got from our feed store but it has a scent that makes me want to wretch. I don't care if my cat smells like wildflowers, I just want something unpleasant, gentle, and conditioning. If I have to order online thats fine...

I should have taken a picture but we just had an incident with me making bread and my little black kitten decided to weave in and out of my feet causing me to drop an entire cup of white bread flour on her. The shampoo I used was gentle enough but the chemical scent is icky.
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I use Earthbath Mango Tango. They have other scents as well but I haven't tried any of the others. It is natural and has a nice light scent. I know they have a web site but I don't know if you can order online from their site. I got it at a petstore.
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I only use Dawn Dish Soap, it works great and smells good.
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Earthbath is a good all around shampoo and I would get the conditioner too if you intend to bathe your cat frequently.
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I use a Pet Shampoo from Jeffers.com. Will have to look on the lable to see what its called.

I don't like any of the shampoos you buy in the pet stores - especially Hartz stuff!
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That Earthbath looks like nice stuff. Have you used the bottled shampoo or the bar? The site lists Petco as one supplier but the local Petco here is so lame I doubt they carry it...

This far I have only used one pet shampoo - it was the only one in pet shop that didn't carry a warning about ending up into the eyes, so I got it when boys were young. Not that I plan to wash their faces but I did not know if they were going to be wiggly worms and did not want to risk it.
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I use Therapet shampoos; you can find them on groomers.com; they smell lovely, aren't irritating to the animal; most of them are actually specified to be okay for daily use even. They also don't contain harsh chemicals, are all tearless, and feel great on my skin too...
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I have only used the Earthbath bottled shampoo, I haven't tried the bar.
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I use Bio-Groom
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