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sores on paws?

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I'm at work worrying away. I have a vet appt for tonight but I thought I might ask around here to see if anyone has experience with this.

Last night I noticed my 1 year old had sores all over the pads of his paws. He was snuggling up with me in bed on his back and it was really obvious. I hadn't noticed it before tonight however I have noticed little blood spots on the bedding for 2 days now. I assume its from his feets.

I'm not sure how to describe it really. They are really chapped and blistered almost like the top layer of skin was peeled off or like he burned his feet. Im pretty sure he hasnt gotten into any chemicals or around a fire. His right rear foot looks untouched but then I noticed the middle pad the big one was lifting up but not off yet.

I have 3 other cats and they all checked out ok. Any ideas? He isnt in any pain and doesnt flinch at all when I touch it (beyond the hey stop touching mah feets! wiggling). I'm leaving for home in a few hours taking a half day but my appt isnt till tonight.
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You're doing the right thing by taking him to the vet, if he's letting you handle them and is walking ok then it sounds as if he's done some sort of damage to the skin but hopefully nothing too serious. Let us know what the vet says!
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Sounds like a burn. Did he hop up on the stove when it was still hot? Does he go outside and might have gotten into something hot?
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I thought it looked like burns too but I cant imagine how he would have done that. He is indoors only and due to a very hectic schedule the past week I haven't cooked at home. I wonder if its some sort of allergy but I guess I will find out tonight.

Incidentally, does anyone have any links about scratching? This same boy has a bad habit of scratching up my wallpaper along with the scratching posts and cardboard box scratcher things lol Id love to get him to stop that. Someone suggested those soft paw things but I worry about them.
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The verdict is in... sort of.

The wounds to his paw pads are a few weeks old (at least 2) and are mostly in the healing stage. I'm really kicking myself for not seeing this sooner!!
The idea at this point is that a few weeks ago when we had snow here and the heat up higher then normal, he may have burned his paws on the radiators that the kitties often like to sleep on/be near. With the heat up higher then usual the radiators were a lot hotter then usual.

Worst case scenario is a form of ummm autoimmunity? The immune system sees the paw pads as a foreign object and tries to get rid of them. Doc says this is pretty rare and usually affects the gums but it can happen in the paws. So she gave us some pain meds (she didn't want to give steroids if she could help it) and we are supposed to restrict him to one room and watch him for a week or so. if it doesn't heal on its own we can move into looking at this immune thing. Fingers crossed he just took a bad move on a hot radiator. And he weighed in at a hefty 13.4lbs... so diet time for kitten
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I have a cat thats paws were froze when I got him! His paws got frostbit and and the pads froze a little! The black on them is *almost* completly gone and they have stopped peeling so terribly bad! It was scary at the time! He seems to be doing better now! I hope yours heals nicely!
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