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The dragon eggs are really slowing the site down. I've been observing what Firefox is indicating as far as connecting to/waiting for certain sites all evening, as some threads are taking forever to load, and some of the forums, too. The dragon's cave site is definitely the culprit.
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The dragon site seems to be having problems tonight, I wonder if that's why? I've never noticed it slowing things down before.
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Yeah when the site has problems it takes forever to load, but today the sprites never loaded.

Where yesterday when the dragon site was working the sprites loaded within seconds, no delay for the cat site at all.
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I dont know if it really delays the part that you can read, but if you look at the bottom it always says pics still loading! It has been slower recently though, sometimes you hit the send button and it takes a few extra seconds to get to where you're going.... I like my dragon eggs, but it would be nice if their site worked properly!! I can't see or click on anyones dragon right now and this happens all the time.
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YAY!! The eggs are back n running! So click on mine!!! LOL One of mine just turned into a dragon, but if you click my scroll I have a new green egg that could use some clicks! Ill click yours....
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
To breed them you obviously need a male and a female... beyond that I'm not sure but check out the cave forums. It's hard to find stuff and the people aren't nearly as nice as TCS members but if you look/read long enough you'll find some helpfull posts.

Yes, you do need a male and female, but you need to find another dragon owner willing to mate with your dragon I think? I know under the "actions" (ex. naming your dragon) there is a breeding option, but I never tried it out?

I was on that site before the forum was wiped out, I left way before, I knew mabye 2 good people on there, the rest were immature people. I'll never go back.
You can only mate your own dragons and only once a week. I mated my purple dragon with my water dragon and created a blue egg.
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Oh, thanks for explaining that! I understand now.
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So I don't get it - are we allowed or not to have these in our signatures....? I'm confused.
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Yes we are, but they have to be within the right size limit.

This thread has the details.
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Please read the new rules regarding the dragon eggs:
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