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play with me mommy!

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this is my little boy..yes he does like to play with a bottle cap...

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another retriever! my milo carries his toys about in his mouth too. funniest thing is when he tries to pick up 2 at once!
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Awwww my three are exactly the same
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How sweet!
Looks like my kitty Shark too...
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So cute!

Abby used to play fetch, then she realized that "hockey" is so much more fun! She gets all excited waiting for me to use the bottom of my foot to shoot her red furry mouse across the floor, then she runs and pounces on it and then waits for me to go there and kick it again! So I think I'm the one playing "fetch",
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He is adorable!
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sooo cute!
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All I have to do is drop a bottle cap and the cats are "on the scene" in a flash! Doesn't matter where in the house they might happen to be, I know how to get them if I need them!!!!
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My cats do that too!!

What a pretty boy you have though!!
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