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Daily Thread Thurs Jan 31st!

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Wellllllllllll, its almost FEBRUARY!!! Can you believe it!? I think its crazy how fast time is going by.

I have an early staff meeting this thats why I am up right now I am not a fan of it...Not sure I will last from now through my cardio/core class at the gym tonight. A long day indeed.

I had weird dreams last night...

Okay I am off!

Have a good one folks!
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what no no no
you cant tell us you had "weird dreams last night" and just go off like that. i just hope it was not me dressing up as a french maid again.

oh yea, good morning
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Morning!. Weve got storms approaching right now and the winds are going to be really bad

Housework tonight
Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i just hope it was not me dressing up as a french maid again.
I hope you had your legs waxed first
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Keep safe in those bad storms, Susan!
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Hmmm...I think its suppose to be sunny today.

My cold is a little more tolerable today, however I'm still just stuffy. At least I can not breth through my nose

I can hardly wait for the weekend to rest up!!!
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Morning All!!
Well the snow has slowed down some but it the cold is brutal here today...Although I don't mind winter I think I have had enough of it for a few days...Sun would be nice to see.

Heading off to work in a bit, also have a long day ahead, my boss likes to schedule late meetings and I have one tonight at 5 P.M.

After that it just home and computer or TV for the evening.

The kitties are all snuggled in my armchair with a blanket over them. My apartment is not cold but it would seem not quite warm enough for their liking. They:rainbowheart:their heat..

Everyone have a good one
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Its been a good morning I am going to get my taxes done then going shopping for kitty. Woohoo then I have to mop and do house work (YUCK)
Everyone have a good day !
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Morning. The weather here can't decide whether it was to be cold or warm. Lunasmom gave me her cold!. The woman who comes to cook for us once every week come today and she's going to fix meatloaf tonight. Can't wait for that.
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Still another cold day with below zero temps but they will be disappearing from the forecast now for several days!!
The house cannot seem to get warm!!

Finished my first ever project on my knit jig-a decorative scarf!!!! I know am printing info off on learning to knit left handed vs using the knit jig all the time.

Doing more organizing too (it never ends)

Have a good day......
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mid 40's here, chance of rain tonight and tomorrow My family in OK is expecting a lot of snow! I am so jealous

We NEVER get snow here. If it does, it snows for half hour then quits, never sticking. *sigh*

I'm home today. Had 2 wisdom teeth out at the oral surgeon yesterday and look like a chipmunk today.
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Speaking February, it has 29 days this year!
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Morning to all!...
yes, January goes so fast!...
for you Nat!...for you eat healthy food...
As accountand today is a complicate day in order to the close of month.....uff many work....

Have a good one today!..
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Hello all!!! Woke up to some snow today, and they cancelled school!

Hope everyone has a super day....stay safe and warm!!
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Time does fly doesn't it?!!! It's amazing to think that it's already been 2008 for a month!!!

I've got another 2 hours to kill until class. It really sucks not having a car near me!!! (I have to park in a commuter lot about 2-3 miles away. It's WAY too cold to walk so I ride the bus.
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It seems cold here today. I haven't been out yet though. We are supposed to get up to 29 cm of snow by tomorrow morning.

I have to work 5-9:30 tonight. I really hate those shifts, it is almost pointless to drive 20 minutes to work for that. After work, I might go out for dinner since my paycheque was about $100 more than I thought it was going to be.
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Rain coming again here. It is 48 now.
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hello all! well today, me & my partner had a nice drive to pick up some FREE fish! yeh, he has an obsession with them LOL, we have an 8ft tank & there are a fair few BIG fish in there! i guess it's fair, that i have kitty cat's & he has fish hehe

hope everyone else had a great day!
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