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haha, my cats are pretty smart too, the other day Eek and Jax were on the counter, they took turns pushing the china onto the floor and breaking it! It really was quite funny though!

Congrats on getting them, they are so special!! Just out of curiosity, do you watch Charmed much?? You're just missing Pheobe now!! LOL Oh and Prue from the earlier seasons!
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haha, no I'm not a Charmed fan but I have seen an episode here and there.

My mom watches it so sometimes I see it when I go over there... nah I guess I just like those names, actually, I rather like Prue and Phoebe too. hmm... maybe I should get a couple abby's to finish off the name list

o btw, (I thought I posted this already?) they are chocolate with caramel chests.

and Siggav, your link for Nikita isn't working... maybe repost it?
Shawn said Piper was attacking the xbox while he was playing earlier, reminded me of Nikita and the Drinkwell fountain
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