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Kelsey Died

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As you shed your tears for her, remember she didn't die in vain,
She has made a difference, through all of her pain...

You must watch the whole thing, to completely understand,
at the end of this movie, you'll see god had a plan.

RIP KELSEY, Play happily in heaven, sweet angel...
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wow, that is heartbreaking to watch!
you can see it in her little face as the pictures progress.

anyone with a dry eye after this????

rest in peace little angel!!!!
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I think I feel ill actually, so heartbreaking
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Sorry guys, I just had to share, I cried my eyes out too... So heartbreaking... I think that everyone should see it though, because its so important. There more that goes with it, but you have to have myspace to see it all! At least she made a difference! She has a law in her name now, think of all the kids she's saving! The poor girl...........
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I can't imagine the pain and grief that her father went through, coming home from his tour and having to bury his little girl. May she rest in peace.

It sickens me that people abuse children. How can someone do that? If someone ever laid a hand on my kids in an abusive way there isn't a force on this planet that could stop me from getting at the person.
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I agree. I can't believe the mother let it go that far. What was wrong with the mother to have allowed this?? It just doesn't make sence. If someone hurt my little girl, no matter who, I would have called the cops myself, I wouldn't have backed him up, and I most certainly wouldn't have chosen him over my daughter and actually married the man. If she couldn't bring herself to let go of the guy, she should have let go of the child. There were other people willing to take care of her, but the court wanted her to go with her mommy. So unfair! This was so preventable, if she loved that child, she would have let someone else take care of her. Lord knows what else he did to her...

:rainbowheart:RIP KELSEY
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cant see at work, and maybe i dont want to.
So i will go along with what Bryan said
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I just watched it, and cried my eyes out.The pain and torture that little girl suffered, is horrible.How anyone could stand by and watch that happening, is sickning.God help anyone who harms one of my kids.
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This is heartbreaking! Something like this should never happen to such a vibrant, innocent child
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That is heart-wrenching

Poor baby!
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I didn't watch the video because I'm too sensitive and based on the replies, it's sad and I can't deal with stuff like that right now

I had never heard of her and was not familiar with the story. I did a google search and found this article which states she died more than 2 years ago:

Quite a tragic story
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How depressing! It's so hard for me to watch something like that, being someone who has been trying to have a baby and knowing people are blessed by having one then they are treated like that! That is so sad! What a beautiful little thing!
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That is very heart wrenching!! Her poor daddy......that is who I feel sorry for.

May the beautiful little angel RIP. :rainbowheart:
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What a horrible story. I feel so terribly for the father, there was nothing he could do and I'm sure he blames himself every day.

What I would like to know, is why no one is serving a life sentence for this?! It was obiviously murder, not an accident. What a terrible mother too! TWO broken legs......This would be why I'm going to school for Social Work, if I could just help one child a year.....
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I didn't watch the video because I'm too sensitive and based on the replies, it's sad and I can't deal with stuff like that right now

I had never heard of her and was not familiar with the story. I did a google search and found this article which states she died more than 2 years ago:

Quite a tragic story

Although it did happen over two years ago, if you watch the movie there is a reason why it is just not being posted! They just passed a law in her name! To stop things like this from happening! It is a heartbreaking story, and Im very sensitive also, but it is worth watching.
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The mother and stepfather are ing sick, disgusting, horrible people. That poor little, sweet girl.
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I couldn't watch any more after I saw it was about physical abuse. RIP poor little girl. Hopefully there's an extra-special place in hell for her abuser(s).
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This is f*** up. They should die for this..... @#$@#%
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I agree... It is a messed up situation!!

If you go to some of the links for her the family asked that the video keep getting put up at new places so that Kelsey would never be forgotten.... SO SAD!! Theres also another video of her playing with her daddy, so sweet! They were so happy! I dont think they should ever be allowed to get out!!

The mother of the child is also appealing her trial, for a number of reasons, and Im sure it will be granted! Its so terrible!
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yea I read that.

the worst part is that of all the reasons it's being appealed for all fall under the technicality list. just awful...
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I know! If she gets off on a technicality Im going to be PO'D!!! Not going to tolerate that well... at all! Kelsey deserved better than what she got! Her mom should feel guilty right now, but once again, she is only thinking of herself! Kelsey died because of her bad judgement! She should sit her 27 years in jail...
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Sadly the child was probably not the only one abused. I'm sure the guy also abused her mother and she wouldn't fight back (for herself or her child). Too many cases like this happen across the country.
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Yeah, at this point though the step dad is accusing the mother of doing it, so I guess I dont know. I mean, there was never any abuse before he came along, but if you can't get your child out of the house, you deserved to be punished! Do what you want with me, but leave my kids alone!!
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How??? How could someone do something like this?!?! She was such a sweet and innocent little girl.
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I couldn't watch the video (and I'm not so sure I want to) b/c my WebTV wouldn't let me open it - so someone will have to enlighten me. Who is Kelsey??

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