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Does anyone else's cat...

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Stare at things that don't seem to exist? My eight month old kitten Cassie constantly does this and it's a bit spooky.

Sometimes she looks like she's following something around the room, and other times she'll just stare right at corners or walls when there is nothing there.

Do you think it might be because she's a house pet? What could she be seeing that neither me nor my mother can't?

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Rowdy not only stares, she chases things that aren't there. One of my weirder friends insists that cats and dogs can see ghosts and that's what they're staring at.
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my peedoodle does that ALL the time - sometimes he will be staring at something and then it looks as if he is following that 'object' with his eyes and runs after it.
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During the warmer months my cat, Snowball, occasionally shows the same type of behavior. Cats have hearing which is much more acute than ours. Maybe when cats stare at nothing they are actually listening to the sounds of insects surrying around.

Cindy, sometimes Snowball tries to catch things that aren't there. He must be playing with some teensy tiny bug.
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Indoor and Outdoor cats do this. It doesn't make a difference.

I think most the time they are watching a bug or a shadow or reflection that we can't see. And sometimes it's a little speck of dust they are following, or a small clump of cat fur moving across the floor.
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We call 'em NO-Seeums...
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All five of mine do this!I just thought thet might have seen a bug!
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My cat, Simon, has done the staring thing. More noticeable, however, are my two birds. Every now and then, they both stare upward into a corner; my cockatiel often exhibits signs of being spooked. So I know that he sees something and that he's reacting to it.

I believe in ghosts (spirits who've not passed over into the next realm), but I also believe that our loved ones who have passed still come around us often. I believe that it's my loved ones (and spirit guide(s)) my pets are seeing. I feel so blind compared to them! LOL

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When i was young our cat used to stare down the stair well into the basement. I thought there were monsters down there. And now i had the proof. The cat could see them too!:tounge2:
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