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Although I like the way MANY of the breeds look, I will limit my list to those whose temperments would actually work for me...
My family owns a mutt now, but I will most likely be going with a purebred next time around as I want to know what the temperment will be ahead of time.
I have always loved the working breeds, so the list reflects that somewhat.
Doberman Pinscher
Chart Polski (but there are only ~3 breeders in the US so probably not a possibility...sighthound temperment with just enough "guarding instinct" to warn off robbers, etc.)
Smooth collie
Whippet or italian greyhound
Boarder Collie (if I could get a less energetic one)

Once I get in a house with a nice fenced in yard (and can afford it) I plan on getting either a boxer or doberman
Although I LOVE everything about greyhounds, they will be relegated to a "second dog" unless I'm living with someone, because I really want a dog that will at least alert or preferably act if there is a home robbery, etc. A chart Polski sounds perfect for me, but due to unavailability, not an option.

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I am a big fan of mutts but I would love to have another doxie someday.

I love collies (my first dog ever)
Great Danes
Dobermans (my dad has one and she is a big sweetheart)
King Charles Spanials
Cocker Spaniels
Golden Retreivers
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If I ever live in the countryside I'll get a Weimaraner
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Huskey or Malamute - both so pretty, smart and sweet dogs.
Great Danes, not sure if I would want to own something that big myself but the ones I have been around have been soooooo mellow and sweet . Of course one that was almost 190 pounds did try to sit on my lap once.......
Corgies - you can't look at them and not smile.
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Oh, there's so many great breeds!

Chinese Shar Pei (the most loyal, devoted dogs I've ever owned, or known)
Bulldog (they will always keep you laughing!)
French Bulldog
Bernese Mtn Dog
American Bulldog
Gordon Setter
Giant Schnauzer

I am just longing to have a dog or two in my life again, but DH and I agreed we'd wait until we have a larger house with a fenced yard.
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Golden Retrievers
Old English sheepdogs (puppies for life!)

I have a Golden and two OES right now - a great combination.
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Siberian Husky
Great Dane
German Short Haired Pointer
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Greyhound (have one now, this is my second)
Saluki (have had 3 in the past)
Afghan Hound (had 1)
Whippet (had 2)
Borzoi (would love to have one)

I can't imagine not having one or more sighthounds in my life.
What are you doing with my list????

IMO Nothing as beautiful as a Saluki in action...any sight hound actually! My sister had a Saluki, but then she lives on just under 5 acres!
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Mine is Dachshund!!! (Can't believe that I am the first one to mention them!)

My sister has two, Oscar and Frankie (she wants to get a third "Beans")
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I have a few favorite breeds

Corgi (both pem and cardi)
Jack Russells
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French Bulldog
Boxer (have had 2)
Rottweiler (have had 1)
Bull Terrier
Dogue de Bordeaux
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Mine choice of dog is the Rottweiler. I have two and after owning them i couldn't live without them.
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Out of 7 dogs I have owned only 2 have been purebred. I really prefer mutts as I love rescuing them.
Boston terrier
Labrador retriever
Chow chow
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My Fave breeds:
Great Danes ( I have had 4 during my 21 years alive. I am absolutely in love with this breed!)
Basset Hounds (they just make me giggle)
Afghan hounds (they are sooo pretty!)
Irish Setters
Black and Tan Coonhounds
Springer Spaniels
English Labs
And Long haired Dachshunds.

I think I have a thing for dogs with big ears!

I work at a doggy daycare so I deal with a lot of breeds and a lot of them I used to like but now that I have had to deal with them!

And yes I have a long list of faves!
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i never had cats until i had moved out of my parents' house... we had dogs growing up, mostly collies & dogs that had been dumped [lived in the country]. but i've always been drawn to small dogs - probably because i'm actually more of a cat person, & they're closer in size to cats! before i moved out, i had 2 different 1/2 poodles [mutts - moms were poodles, daddies were 'traveling men' ]. my tastes in dogs hasn't changed, altho i'll probably never get one [too much work!] here's my list, in order:
1. Brussels Griffon
3. Papillon
4. Pomeranian
5. Poodle
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Border Collie
German Shepherd
Great Dane

I also like Malamutes, Brittanys, MUTTS....I just like dogs, if they have a good personality and they're cute I'm sure I like them!
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Doberman Pincers (red coat)
Great danes
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I love german sheperd and since we got our border collie i feel in love with that breed!!!!
But i think every dog is cute!!!! Everyone of them have there lil something!!!!!!
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border terrier
jack russells
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I also love mutts as well. Currently I have a mutt and a doberman.
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Siberian Huskies
Australian Shepherds
Japanese Chins
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I adore Border Collies and Blue Heelers.

Mutts are beyond amazing, though!
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