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Hello *waves shyly*

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Hi all!

I thought I should say hi and introduce myself so here I am.

My name's Jessica, I'm 19, and have been cat-mad all my life. Apart from the first 2 years of my life I've always had cats. Currently I have two, but in my time I've been "mummy" to five.

My current cats are a black shorthair called Cassie. She's only eight months old and VERY cute. She has a bit of siamese in her, and is quite a prissy little thing but she's so adorable too.

My other one is Bonnie, who's almost 10. She was the daughter of one of my now deceased cats, Molly (she got cancer and had to be put to sleep in March last year ). She was born in our house and we've always had her. She's calico and is very beautiful. Her markings are really uneven but her main colours are black and biscuit. Bonnie's an outdoor cat but she spends more time inside now she's older. She's never been a lap cat but she loves being stroked and always sits in the lounge so she can be with people.

I thought I'd share a bit about myself and my pets since I think I might be posting here a bit.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Take care,
Jessica C.
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Welcome to the cat site!!! your cats sound beutiful!!
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Thanks, CatsRUs2 (cool name). They really are gorgeous. If I had a scanner I'd post some pics but alas I plan on getting one though so maybe I'll be able to show off my kitties soon.

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Hello, Jessica! Welcome to TCS!


we're excited to see you here!
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hello and welcome!!!!


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Welcome to the site Jessica! Your cats do sound beautiful. We try to warn people that this place is very addictive, but it seems to be of no use. We all get addicted anyway.

Jump in anywhere, don't be shy! It's a very friendly group of people we have here.
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Welcome! Don't wave shyly. Come in and make yourself at home!
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Just wanted to welcome you to the board! This place can get rather addicting!
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