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my furry tension breaker

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Today, like most days, I was getting after my youngest daughter for having a tantrum, she was yelling, I was yelling, after about 10 minutes my cat booja came over and put her front paws on my legs and pretty much meow yelled at me, like she was saying "enough with all the yelling around here" then she jumped all the way up and gave me a look like "do you need someone to pet" so I started petting her and everything calmed down.
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Yes, my furbabies are my stress relievers.
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aww... what a good kitty
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Yes, my furbabies are my stress relievers.
yeh, it's the same for me aswel

they really do help hehe
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oh yes! my husband and i were having a 'discussion' the other day that was getting a little stressy until the kittens started racing in and out of the room we were in. almost like they were saying 'pack that in and watch us!'
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Booja is such a sweet girl! Our little loves are so perceptive of our emotions! More truth to the clinically proven fact that petting a cat can lower blood pressure. My girlies are so soothing, whatever is going on, they know just how to make Mommy feel better!
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You are so lucky with Booja! If hubby and I are having a "discussion," Butzie high-tails it out of there.
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Arwen is my stress reliever, she kinda senses when I'm unhappy and will cuddle up on my lap and look up at me as if to say " You will be ok, now pet me!"
Even when I've been in tears before, she has come up to me so that I can pet her to calm's so sweet of her really :rainbowheart:
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oh so cute!!!!
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My original post was the first time she had done that, ever since though she does it all the time, even if I am not mad and only yelling cause my girls are upstairs or in another room and they ask me something and I have to yell back for them to hear me, when she comes over I tell her "it's ok booja, I am not mad, I'm just yelling" and I give her a pet and she walks away.
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