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Don't tell my hub, but I'd love to have one of all of them......

My very favorite is the Himalayan.....bred them for years, and up until last fall I had five of them, my original breeder pair and three of their offspring.
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I really like British Shorthairs, I love that round little head!

Also like the Maine Coons, such beautiful cats.

I doubt I'll ever own a purebred though, to be honest. I live by this:

"Until there are none, rescue one...."
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Balinese Rule!

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I have 2 abys and a Bengal cat.

My favorites are equally the aby's and the bengal cats. My aby's are the sweetest cats in the world! My husband loves loves loves the aby cats. My bengal is quite demanding of my attention and she doesn't like to share.

I had scottish folds years ago and they were sweet precious cats too!!
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I honestly can't pick a favorite! IMO every breed is stunning, because all kitties are stunning, period...lol..
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I have a soft spot for Maine Coons. I grew up with a Maine Coon mix and fell in love. When he passed, I adopted another Maine Coon fluff ball and we spoil him rotten.
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I've never personally "owned" a purebred cat, but when I was pet sitting full time, I cared for a three year old male Abyssinian named Mercury. I loved that cat from day one. The first time I met him he jumped onto my shoulders and wrapped his front legs around my neck. He was named Mercury for good reason; he had so much energy!
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I have a seal bicolor Ragdoll, two nonstandard (longlegged) Munchkins, and a black shorthair Moggie...they are all special and I don't think there is any breed I wouldn't love.
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I've never met a purebreed face-to-face. Well, at least I don't think so. One of the family cats in our extended family looked like a purebred Turkish Angora. Wow, he was a total beauty and sweet as cake. But he was found as a stray in New Jersey. (Uh, I guess being found as a stray proves nothing, never mind)

A friend owned what looked like a Maine Coon but she was kinda on the small side so maybe she was an almost. ?? So I guess my answer will be Turkish Angora. It's basically a guess.
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Why, Siamese of course. I think they're amazing. My two are traditional (my preference) but one day I'll have a modern. I think they're beautiful, too.
I've become relatively obsessed with Siamese.
Second to Siamese:

Bengal (I definitely will have one someday. Awesome cats.)
Scottish Fold
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I guess I'd have to choose either Japanese bobtails ('cause I want another cat just like Aya sans tail) or a traditional Siamese (applehead) becuase I've never been allowed to have one.
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my faves [in no particular order] are Russian Blue, Japanese Bobtail, Singapura & Bengal.
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This is a hard one. I'm going to have to think about this for a minute . Alrighty, here goes nothing. In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite purebred kitties:

Turkish Angora
Egyptian Mau

As you can see, I really like the long-haired cats, but also have a soft spot for the more "wild" looking kitties. While I don't know if I'll ever have a purebred cat, any one of those would be on my list. I also really like Abyssinians, Scottish Folds, and the traditional-type Siamese. I'm sure there are others, but those are the only ones I could truly see myself being owned by.

However, that being said, I think I'll always prefer the unique beauty of moggies . Even if I someday had my "dream" cat (whatever that may be), I'd still need a house full of moggies to make my furry family complete.
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I love the look of Bengals and Egyptian Maus. In fact, the night I adopted Holland I actually went in because the shelter had an E Mau on their website. He was gone by the time I got there, but I consider myself lucky for that...
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Maine Coon(polydactyl especially!), Japanese Bobtail, Savannah and Pixiebob.

Roxy the poly Maine Coon
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In no particular order:
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I love all breed of cats, but I'm most partial to long-haired giants.

Maine Coon

Unfortunately for me, I will probably never own a purebred as I will only adopt one at the shelter.
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Abyssinian (who would have guessed?)
Turkish Angora, white
Havana Brown
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My favorite purebreds would be...

Exotic short hair
Scottish Fold

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Sphynx Sphynx Sphynx
I also love these breeds.
Cornish Rex
Russian Blue
Egyptian Mau

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Besides the Bengal, I love the following:
Egyptian Mau
Scottish Fold
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Sphynx Sphynx Sphynx
I also love these breeds.
Cornish Rex
Russian Blue
Egyptian Mau

Awwww beautiful Sphynx, will never get oe now have been adopted by a kitty, had my last baby I think
My faves are
Sphynx (only since joining this site)
British Blue (of course my Billy cat is)
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I never met a Ragamuffin or a Nebelung but I like their looks and the descriptions
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Maine Coons
Nerwegian Forest Cat
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I've never been adopted by a purebredbut i am very attracted to the sphinx and lynx cats. Of course my heart really belongs to whatever stray picks me up...
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That would be a Sphynx.
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I knew you would say that lol
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Another vote for the Sphynx here....shocking, I know!
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They are the best breed of cat and I am not biased.
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I agree. I'm not biased either, I swear.
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