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Traditional Siamese
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I have a soft spot for Tonkinese but really I just don't have a fave. They're all pretty amazing.
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The kind that meows!
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Oh yeah...Scottish folds and American curls are adorable too with their odd ears! :rainbowheart:
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What can be better than Devon rex? 2 devons needless to say that I llllllove devons and thinking of getting another one some day i also like cornish rex, oriental, sphynx
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Hmmm...tough one!!

I guess my faves would be

Maine Coons
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Originally Posted by 709Juggalette View Post
I LOVE the spynx! I love hairless animals.
Eeek...it's gotta have hair!!!Hahahahaha!!
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hmm, my favorite kind of cat is a rescued cat.

Now if I found an:
Bengal or
Devon Rex

at a shelter I could never say no. (Ok really I have a hard time saying not to just about any shelter cat)
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Devon Rex (as I have two )
Cornish Rex
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#1 would have to be Ragdolls, since I have two! Other breeds I hope to own one day (if I should only live so long!):

Cornish Rex (almost got one of these instead of my Raggies)
Siamese or Oriental
Maine Coon
Turkish Angora
British Shorthair
Russian Blue
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BURMESE they are the best companions ever
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I lerrrrrve Tonkinese! I would love to have one one day.

I also love the Australian Burmese (is that european Burmese?). I had a gorgeous lilac point Burmese as a kid and she was the most friendly, affectionate, beautiful kitty.
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tonkinese are breed from burmese so they are almost exectly like emm but 4 times hyper
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Norwegian Forest Cats are sooooo pretty!!!! Gorgeous cats!

and Munchins!!! They are just too darn cute and I have NEVER seen one!
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Bengals or E Maus. I have 2 bengals and a bengal mix. 1 is an F1 ALC hybrid. The other is a rescue. Neither are overly "domestic" and neither likes to be held or cuddled or petted too much. I have more bonding to do with the ALC but i have herd that is common behavior for an ALC or early generation hybird to be standoffish.

I am fascinated with E Mau's and thier history. I would LOVE to have one some day.

I am also a huge fan of American Bobtails, desert lynx, chausies, serengeti's, pixie-bobs, savannah's exc.
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I love the abyssinian the most. Looks very Egyptian to me. Lovely body and coat.
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Guess I would have to say Russian Blue's...I just love that coloring.
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Originally Posted by catpaws2008 View Post
I love the abyssinian the most. Looks very Egyptian to me. Lovely body and coat.
My loves and I thank you. We think Abyssinians are the bees knees!
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They are all so beautiful, it's hard to choose But I have alway wanted a Maine Coon, they are such big fluff balls!!
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my favorite would be the Nebelung, kind of like a long-haired Russian Blue. it was featured in the sept. '03 catfancy
and then Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon
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Norwegian forest cat, maine coon, or a long haired scottish fold... i also love birmans and ragdolls... and i have a soft spot for persians... really, i love anything longhaired.
but, i will make an exception for the manx. they are GORGEOUS
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Siamese for me! We are going to get another one to keep ours company after we move in March!
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Ocicat (which I have)
Cornish Rex (which I did have and bred)

see a pattern here????
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My favorite breeds are Persians/Himalayans. I groom two Himalayans who are AWESOME and the sweetest cats ever. I've met a few evil persians, but most are really sweet also.

I also love Abyssinians, Sphynx, and Orientals.
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I'm ga-ga for Munchkins. I want to adopt one whenever we get rid of our roommate (which might not be until December ) I also adore Russian Blues.
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Thirty years ago I had a black smoke Oriental Shorthair named Yasa (after a character in an Andrea Norton book). I would love to have another.

Also Abysinnians, Cornish Rex and Siamese (modern show type). I love long slinky oriental type cats. My favorite dogs are all sighthound breeds like greyhounds and salukis so these two (cats & dogs) would kinda go together.
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My favorite purebred cats are:

Maine Coon (I like the less-common colors, not the typical tabbies)
Turkish Van
Egyptian Mau
Japanese Bobtail (I really want one!)
Siamese (traditional)

I REALLY want this Japanese Bobtail:
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Bengals all the way for me

but I also love Abys, Somalis and Norwegian Forest Cats. If I were to get another cat that's not a Bengal I'd get a Black Silver Somali, I think they're *gorgeous*

(not my cats and not my photo)
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that pretty much is the most beautiful cat i've ever seen...
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