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I need some board magic!!!

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My son's girlfriend has left with his daughter. We know his girlfriend is with her mom but, not where her mom lives other than it is in Tahoe. My son is devistated that she felt she had to leave and take his daughter from him. This little girl is his life and heart. He has no idea what to do to get her back. He has offered to pay rent on an appartment so she will stay in town. He has even offered to pick up his daughter from my home so his girlfriend doesn't have to see him. He is listed as the father on the birth certificate, but, what can he do to bring his daughter back home? He has a job and good income, and is worried sick she may move farther away.
Any suggestions? Please send calming vibes his way.
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You can always go to court and get legal visitation rights. This would stop her from leaving the area, and gurantee his ability to see his child.

I am sorry that this has happened. I hope that whatever happens, that little girl gets to have both of her parents in her life. Good luck to you and your son.
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Wow, I'm so sorry for you and your son. I don't have any suggestions, hopefully someone will, but I just wanted to say that I hope things work out and he can still be a big part of his daughter's life. I would think there would be some legal issues to her just taking the daughter away, but don't really know. Did she just leave without any warning, or did they decide to seperate?

I'll send good thoughts your way!
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She just left a note. He said they had been arguing a lot latley. He had already moved into a friends house to keep froming arguing all the time. Some of the things he has told me about her are very disturbing. I have asked them both to seek counceling to work out their differences.
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i will keep your son and his daughter in my thoughts.

my husband's ex tried to move across the country with their kids last year. he managed to stop her. now she can only move away if she can prove that a major move she will significantly improve the kids lifestyle. he doesn't want her to be miserable, but he doesn't want the kids 18 hours away either.

hopefully, your son can get something worked out with his girlfriend.
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Calming thoughts and prayers are on the way to you and your son. I agree with the person who suggested going to court and getting legal visitation rights.
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Courts are a lot more liberal, these days, about fathers' rights. Your son needs to consult a Family Law attorney and establish those rights, immediately. He may be able to get custody.

Good luck. He sounds like he's a good father.
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you are in my thoughts and prayers - i hope that this can be resolved!

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Get a meeting with a lawyer so you know your rights and what you may face. Get in touch with some cousellors and get both parties involved.

You have to have the knowledge to back up your decisions.

Good luck Teresa, it's a really tough and emotional situation to be in!

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Good thoughts for you, your son and his daughter. I hope he can find some legal remedy to be able to see her.
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My prayers are with your son also. I'm sure the law is on his side.
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Teresa, this is horrible! My thoughts are with you, your son and his daughter. He definitely needs to contact a lawyer. She does NOT have the right to take the child without his knowledge or consent. At the very least, especially in CA, he should be able to get joint custody. For goodness sake, if they allow Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee to have joint custody your son should have no problem getting at least that much!
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Teresa I feel so bad for your son! How awful for her to take his child and not tell him where they are going!!! I'm sending up prayers for him! Please keep us posted on what happens!!! This is not right at all and I hope the law will be on his side...I am sure they will!!!
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Thanks all of you for your imput! We have spoken to a couple of lawyers, but, they want $2400.00 up front. I'm not sure if we can come up with that much money. I will keep you all posted as to the what happens next.
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there should be a free legal service in your area - perhaps you should check them out - they cater for people who cannot afford attorneys.
I hope this gets sorted out as soon as possible.
Can your son file papers for visitation - I believe you can do that without an attorney.
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Teresa, my thoughts and prayers are with you. How heart-breaking!

I agree though, your son is going to have to resort to the legal system. Please try looking up things like your county's or State's Human Services Dept. or Family Services. In my yellow pages, the section is pink. I know in many it is blue. Peruse those pages and call anyone that looks even remotely like they might be able to help. All you need is to find one that can refer you to the right place. It might take a lot of "finger-walking" to get there, but you should be able to find free or affordable services. Or at least find someone who can explain your rights in this situation, so that you can take matters into your own hands legally. If you understand your rights, you don't need a lawyer to file the papers for you. It just takes more work on your part.

Prayers to help you through this!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hopefully things will work out.

Is there not anywhere on the internet that you can find advice as to how to go about this legally?

There is plenty of help out there, it's the finding it that is difficult but someone should be able to point you and your son in the right direction.

Good luck and God Bless....
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you could try as it has a lot of legal information

or try

i really hope this gets sorted out soon!

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He can go to family court on his own. Sometimes they will issue an emergency order to keep the mother from leaving the area. If she has not been awarded custody, he has as much right as she has.
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Teresa, that must be so awful for your son and for you. To be parted like this - that's so cruel, for both father and child.

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way - I hope he gets to see his daughter soon!
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Your son and family must be so upset. I agree with everyone else, get some legal help. I don't think you can take a child away from a parent like that. The law is certainly on his side.
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We went to the court house and filed a tempory restraint to keep her from taking the baby out of CA. We also have a court date for the custody issue. His girlfriend is supposed to come and visit today and tomorrow. He is having her served tomorrow. I can't even begin to describe how hard this is on my son. His little girl has been away for 2 weeks. He is just beside himself with wanting to give her goodnight snuggles and read her stories. He misses all the hugs when he comes home from work, the empty apartment seems to haunt him. He has been at my house almost every day since they left. I think he just can't face the empty rooms and seeing her toys every where.
We go and see a lawyer today and hope they will accept the $1500 we were able to scrape together.
Keep up the positive thoughts and prayers!
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We're all praying for positive results Teresa. It's horrible that it had to come to legal action, but you do what you have to do.

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Theresa -

Really hope things work out! Positive vibes streaming through to you!
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oh Teresa ((((HUGS)))) to you and your son!
You have a LOT Of my prayers and positive thoughts going your way.
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This was a momth before she turned one.
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Teresa, Like her name, she is angelic! What a beautiful child! I pray that this is resolved soon.
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Teresa, this is such a heartbreaking situation. Still sending positive energy for the best possible outcome.

Angelica is everything her name says. What a beautiful little girl. She sure doesn't deserve to have to go through this simply because her mother is selfish.
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